Hill’s Science Plan Dog Food Review

We love dogs! In our time in America we absolutely fell in love with my sister’s dog, Mocha, and since then we have wanted to add a canine member to our family. As luck has it, our wishes were answered and we have a dog! Technically, she’s my father in laws dog, but with his busy job as a teacher and his not so great health, there wasn’t a lot of time or energy left for sweet Bonnie. Which is why we stepped in and have been taking care of her the majority of the time. Think of it as shared custody if you like.

Bonnie is now our girl and with having a pet comes great responsibility. In this post I want to talk about the importance of a dog’s diet. We were kindly gifted a bag of Hill’s Science Plan Adult Advanced Fitness for review, which Bonnie has been trying out.

Let’s see how she’s been getting on.

Bonnie and her weight

Bonnie is an absolutely lovely dog. She is great with kids, mild mannered, and curious. My father in law would take her for long walks before he fell ill. And we have been trying to do the same for the few months she has been with us. Despite all that she is still quite chunky for her size and can’t seem to avoid putting on weight.

The vet has recommended a change in diet which has come at a good time and allowed us to do this Hill’s Science Plan review. Though, I can’t say that it’s been at all easy. She likes eating scraps and can be found trying to rummage through the bin in search for some tasty human food.

Bonnie and her diet

Bonnie’s diet has consisted of wet food, but I found that it didn’t agree 100% with her. I think it was partly the adjustment to a different home and partly her the food she was eating. Her poop was very loose and it started becoming a bit of a nightmare for her (and us) as she didn’t seem to be able to control it. It was all too rich for her.

The adjustment to kibbles hasn’t been easy though. She liked the wet food despite it being bad for her. Not that wet food is bad in general, but it tends to be a bit too rich for the stomach’s of some dogs. The vet said that we should incorporate a mix of kibbles and wet food. Unfortunately, it’s still a bit of a struggle with this one.

Before Bonnie we had cats, and even though I have had dogs in the past it’s been decade or so and I didn’t know what to feed her! We tried a few brands and have been giving her the Hill’s Science Plan dog food since we received it about a week ago.

She hasn’t wanted to come near the food! But then again, that’s been the case with all the dry brands we have tried so it’s not particular to this brand. The vet encouraged us to continue so that’s what we’ll do. The Hill’s food does look and sound very good and based on this and what we have heard about it, we are very hopeful of incorporating it in Bonnie’s diet.

We will ultimately have to wait for her to give it a proper try. For now, we keep our fingers crossed that this is the winner.

Have you tried Hill’s Science Plan dog food yet?

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