How To Make Your Claustrophobic Home Feel More Spacious

How To Make Your Claustrophobic Home Feel More Spacious

There are few things that contribute to the feeling of comfort in the home (or a lack thereof) than how much space is available. If it feels like the walls and the clutter are crowding in all around you, it can make it hard to truly relax. However, no matter how much space you have, there are always a few means to make your claustrophobic home feel more spacious, bright, and peaceful.

Trick the eye

That extra space doesn’t really have to exist for us to feel like it’s there. It’s the feeling of being closed in that can affect us more often than actually being closed in, so focus on getting rid of the feeling. There are a few ways to do it, colour psychology shows that colours that maximise brightness and light are much better at making a home feel more spacious. Allowing more of that light through can work wonders, as well. Replacing heavy window treatments like big curtains with more contemporary, minimalist choices like wooden blinds can let more light in and open up the space.

Think flow

It’s not all about how light travels through the home, either. You have to think about how you get about the home, as well. Think about the flow and the foot traffic through the home. For instance, in the living roof, if you have some room, consider moving the couches away from the wall so it doesn’t feel like you’re always walking through the centre of the room in front of others using it and over obstacles like the coffee table.

How To Make Your Claustrophobic Home Feel More Spacious

Less is more

Minimalism is getting a lot more popular in modern homes and for good reason. It’s easier to clean, it improves air and light flow through the home, and it even has some effects in improving mood and helping you to relax. But more importantly, the less unnecessary things you have cluttering up the home, the more space you have. Focus on minimising your approach to every room. You can even consider multi-purpose furniture that allows you to get rid of some of the bigger additions.

Open it up

Of course, adding more real space is going to be more effective than creating the illusion of it. However, you don’t have to take on the gargantuan project of converting an attic or adding a conservatory to add that space. Using additions like timber bi-folding doors allow you to lessen the boundaries from room to room. Not only will they open up and add more real space. But even when they’re closed, it creates a much greater degree of visual flow throughout the home. Of course, you should be careful about opening up any walls, making sure it’s safe to do so before you start making any plans.

Whether it’s simply adding the illusion of space or finding ways to really open it up, a little extra room can really make a huge difference in the home. It’s important you keep maintaining it however. If clutter and dust build up, it will only bring back those feelings of claustrophobia with them.

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