Home Hangouts: Make Your Home The Place You Want To Be


As spring approaches you may feel more inclined to make a change and a difference. Having a home you are proud of and actually want to spend time in can make a huge difference to your life, allowing you to relax and chill out. Just think, home is where you spend most of your time, so it should be somewhere that absolutely reflects you and your families personality and does its best to foster the best possible vibes.

This article explores the various areas of your home and how you can make adjustments that can literally change the way you live. But firstly, you’re better sticking to each area at a time. Don’t try to renovate the living room and bedroom at the same time as there will be nowhere to go to escape the paint soaked mess.

It is particularly true for those of you who have minimal time to do things yourself. Moreover, before you begin ripping the paper off the wall make sure you have a good plan as to what you want to accomplish. Otherwise, you could be caught in a state of indecisiveness afterwards, leaving you with bare walls for days as you decide.

Home Hangouts: Living Room

The living room is a place where everyone spends the majority of their time in their home. As such, it should be a place of extreme comfort where you can put your feet up and relax. You can change your living room in many ways, ranging from a total overhaul to a fresh lick of paint. The paint can actually do wonders, go for a light airy paint or similar wallpaper. The feel of the room needs to fit in with its purpose. Keep it looking fresh, bright and clean and the effect will rub off on yourself and you’ll be able to relax far better than in somewhere which seems dreary.

Changing the sofas can help too. Nobody wants to sit in uncomfortable seats, so getting a new set can really help you kick back. Change the layout too, so that it feels like a totally different room, because if you associate a certain area in your room with discomfort then you may not be able to shake that notion.

You can change your TV set to give you a better picture or if you aren’t into watching TV then consider fixing a bookshelf to the wall so you can easily grab your favourite yarn.

The flooring makes a huge statement too. So any dark ruddy carpet should be replaced. If you have kids go for wooden floor, it brightens up the room whilst remaining fairly easy to clean. The lights can affect your relaxation too. If it is too bright it will distract you while if it was too dim you can hurt your eyes from straining, so go for a dimmer switch.

They are fairly easy to install, but if you feel apprehensive about touching all things electric then ask an electrician to do it for you.  Once you’ve got the living room feeling good then your life will take an upturn. You will actually be able to relax. Finish it off with some scented candles to add to the ambience with some pictures or canvases on the walls to add a personal touch.

The Bedroom

Where you sleep is important too. You want to make sure the sleep you get counts. So don’t leave yourself open to easy distractions which could affect your sleep. First, you need to make sure where you’re sleeping is comfortable. This means getting another bed, you can find some at black bedroom furniture. If not a bed then at least a mattress.

You really don’t want to skimp when buying a mattress because a bad one can contribute to not only a bad night’s sleep but also a painful back which will just get worse as time goes on. Try a memory foam one, or if you are specifically susceptible you may need to check out orthopaedic mattresses that can get to the route of the problem.

Your bedroom should really be a place of sleep, but if you want a TV in there try and put it on the wall so that you have more space and can easily see it from the bed. If you have a desk in your room then try and find another place for it. The bedroom should be associated with sleep and not work. Doing this can not only affect your sleep but your work also. Try and fit the desk into the dining room or spare living room.

Make your bedroom warm and comfortable. You should put a focus on warm colours that promote sleep. Storage is also a must, so when you get a new bed check on the under bed storage. This can really help you out especially if you have a lot of stuff. Lamps can help too, particularly when you love reading in bed. Having the overhead light on can be a bit too bright, whereas a dimmer lamp can promote drowsiness and help you get off to sleep, so use a bedside table.

Home Hangouts: The Kitchen

A place where not everyone enjoys, but a place we nevertheless have to spend hours a week cooking and cleaning. It’s probably the favourite of my home hangouts. There is no harm in making the kitchen a better place to be. You can consider installing a TV, this will make cooking a much easier task. If not, a radio can make the time go quicker.

If you have an old oven then consider changing it for a better model. You’ll find it cooks your food better and faster. If you want to save space try and get the ovens installed onto a cupboard or wall. It looks ultra-modern whilst having the added benefit of being easy to access as they are usually at chest height so you won’t need to bend down anymore.

There is a glut of new technologically advanced fridges out there now too, ones which can give you fresh filtered water and even take photos of the inside so you know what you need to buy when you’re out shopping.

If you want to give the kitchen a fresher feel consider potting herbs on the windowsill. They will help purify the air as well as making good ingredients to help you with anything you’re cooking.

Home Hangouts: Garden

Okay, it may not be in your home, but with Spring and Summer approaching it can pay to fix up your garden so that it is somewhere you wouldn’t mind spending some time. First off, if you have a stone patio rent a jet washer to clean it. They can get the dirt off with ease and leave you with a brand new looking patio. You’ll be astonished by the difference.

You can check your lawn too, and work on getting it a healthy green before summer arrives. Grass seed helps, but if nothing works you can buy strips of grass to lay down which will join to the earth underneath.

If you are going to relax in your garden then you need to do it in something comfortable. Cushioned chairs can be plus, and if you don’t like the way they look then buy collapsible ones you can put in the garage or shed after use.

The best way to truly freshen it up is by planting colourful flowers. Check their blooming times, so you know when to expect the colour and try and stagger them out for the best effect.

What are your favourite home hangouts?


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