How Functionality + Style can Coexist in Interiors

functionality: double bed in light airy room with mirror on wall above it.

If there are two things in life I love it’s organising and interiors. My love for all things homewares may be a bit of a contradiction to some as I also advocate for minimalism and the less is more approach. The thing is, one isn’t exclusive of the other. You can have beautiful and stylish furniture without having to sacrifice functionality and practicality and vice versa. It’s really not exclusive of one or the other. Functionality and style can coexist in interiors – here’s how!

A Beautiful Bed + Hidden Storage

A beautiful bed, regardless of the size, can still take up a lot of space. Which is one of the reasons that the Japanese, for example, sleep on a futon and tatami mat. In western homes, however, we are used to a big bed, that usually sits in the centre of a room. It isn’t the most space-saving solution. I personally, don’t like to store anything under the bed as my husband is hyper allergenic. So anything that may attract dust is a no-no in our home.

Which is why a bed with storage is a great solution!

A single bed is perfect for a home office/spare room scenario. And it gets even better if you use each inch of space carefully. A bed with storage will allow you to keep any extra bits for your guests, like spare sheets or even cushions. It can even be a place for your guests to store their clothes and belongings if they are staying for more than one night. Or it can even be where you keep your files, office supplies, or even the never-ending stash of wires and chargers.


Nest of Tables + Extra Surface Space

I wasn’t a fan of nesting tables years ago, but now think they are exceptionally savvy. I’ve lived in small places for years and a set of nesting tables is ideal for anyone like me. When we have a full house knowing that there’s extra surface space that can easily be introduced can be a big help. Not only that but the area under tables, side or coffee, is usually wasted space, so why not maximise it without adding any clutter?

Shelves + Epitome of Functionality and Style

Shelves are currently more popular than many of us thought they would ever be. The popularity of shelves has skyrocketed thanks to social media, anyone remember when #shelfie was making the rounds? Anyway, now that we are bombarded with articles and magazine features about shelf styling it’s no surprise many of us are including them in our decor.

A shelf is the epitome of functionality and style. You can add and subtract items based on your needs. You can use storage baskets to make the most of the space and also make it easy for the little ones to join in on the cleanup efforts. Or you can even use it to display and have your books, for example, close to hand.

It doesn’t stop there. With open shelving replacing kitchen cabinets your space, especially if it’s a small kitchen space, can go be light and airy while still serving its purpose. Another thing that I adore about open shelves is that you don’t have the out of sight out of mind issue. You don’t forget that you have a water jug stored somewhere and go buy another one. Your items are always within view!

Functionality and style are not mutually exclusive. You can have a stylish home that also serves its purpose and enhances your day to day living. After all, isn’t that what we are all after?

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