Hardwood Flooring: How Long Does It Take To Install?

Hardwood flooring installations can take anywhere from a few days to beyond a week to install. Because of the different needs of each project and the wood itself, the time can fluctuate. Another important factor to consider is whether the wood is finished or unfinished.

Prefinished wood normally takes a greater amount of time to get delivered but is fairly easy and quick to install. On the other hand, unfinished wood will come quick but take longer to fit. This is because the drying and varnishing process involved adds to the overall time.

If you are searching for a place that installs and sells either prefinished or unfinished hardwood. As well as options for timber floors in Melbourne if you’re a reader based in Australia. There you can discover the exact timber flooring you’re looking for to achieve the desired finish in your home. From there, you can decide your deadline which will factor into how long the project will take.

The Length Of The Process

The total amount of time it takes can vary depending on the following factors:

  • Estimated timeframe
  • How quickly orders get processed
  • Time wood takes to acclimate
  • Installation time
  • How experienced the installer is  

Unfinished Timber Floors

If you are opting for unfinished floors, it again can vary depending on the project. On average, you can expect the floor to be with you in around 4-5 working days. If you are asking for any special requirements to be customised to your order, you can add a few days on top.

It’s good to ask before you purchase so you can get a rough idea. If you are buying online, there should be an estimated delivery time.  

Another thing to consider is the acclimation time. As you need to be careful with moisture, hardwood needs time to just sit and get used to the local surrounding. The amount of time it takes to do this can range from 3-5 days.

Because it is unfinished, the floor will then need a layer of varnish to finish it. This extra layer of protection will help give it a natural sheen and enable it to last longer.

The Length Of Installation For Pre-Finished Wood

When it comes down to pre-finished wood, it can take a bit longer to arrive. However, the installation process is much quicker as there is no time added for drying. Afterwards, the hardwood will need around 5 days to acclimate and again get used to the environment’s humidity. This is also the time for customised fittings and cuts to be made. Therefore, the more requirements you have, the longer it will take.

So, if you have a fireplace or any other solid fixtures, this should be taken into consideration within the overall time frame for installing hardwood flooring. Also, consider how large the space is that you are getting the wood installed. The size of the project will dictate how quickly the installers can complete it.

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