How Not To Break Up With Someone


Breaking up with someone is never easy, but there are still right and wrong ways to go about ending the relationship. Many people struggle to find the best way to end their relationship and sometimes give in to the stress and ‘just do it’ in less than appealing methods. There are definitely ways that exemplify how not to break up with someone.

No matter what has caused the breakup to occur, there was a time when this person did mean enough to you to spend time with. Amicably handling the breakup will make you feel good inside after those high-running emotions are gone.

Whether it is a first-ever breakup or the 10th this year, ensure that you end the relationship the right way. Avoid ending the relationship using any of the methods listed below. These break-up techniques show that you lack compassion or concern and indicate the relationship and the person didn’t mean that much to you. Even when ending a relationship, showing that you are a good human being is important. How would you feel if the situation was reversed and someone broke up with you in such an indecent way?

How Not to Break Up – Text & Email Messages

The world’s gone digital and these days, many people use this form of communication exclusively. It is easy to shoot someone a text message when you want them to pick up some milk from the market or other simple conversation, but using it for a breakup is simply classless.

Although in the wake of your pettiness you may want to ruin their day or even the entire month, sending a text to break up simply says the relationship didn’t mean anything to you.

The same rule applies for a breakup by email. It might feel easier to express yourself via an email and you may even find it cute to add some of those famous quotations you’ve scoured from the Internet, but again, it is simply better to avoid such breakup style. A breakup is personal and should be treated as such.

Social Media Goodbye

Everyone uses social media these days and while it is a wonderful tool for engaging in conversation, it isn’t useful when you want to end a relationship with someone. Whether you’re planning to break up by sending a DM or by a post on their wall, think twice!

Although the person may have caused you tremendous hurt and pain, embarrassing them publicly isn’t the solution to the problem and will only cause you to feel worse at the end of the day.

Break-up This Way Instead

It is simply a cowardly move to use a non-verbal means of communication when expressing the desire to end a committed relationship. It might be easier for you to say what is on your mind in a text or email, but it isn’t only your feelings that you should consider. The other person may be devastated by the demise of the relationship and sending notice by written communication only worsens the situation.

If you’re adult enough to enter into a relationship, you should also be adult enough to end it in an appropriate manner.

Break up by face-to-face interaction with your partner. Conduct the conversation privately and try to do so at a time that is good for you both. In other words, do not break-up on a birthday, the day of a big test, or when the individual already has so much to handle. A gentle breakup is best. There are many ways to gently let someone know the relationship is no longer what you want for your life. Tell them you’re simply not ready, you need to focus on school or work, etc. Honesty is always the best policy, but that isn’t to say that you need to be a total jerk, to be honest.

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