How to Safely Choose the Right Glass for Different Settings

Along with changing modern trends, people are in the haste of impressing the world with their unique and modern interiors as well as exterior. Hold on, here’s one thing to be asked, is only decoration is enough for a commercial building or a house? What about safety measures? For a building like a shop, house, or office, safety and security are much more important.

Well, here you will have brilliant suggestions for making your places secure with ‘style’ and a guide, so you can identify tempered glass easily. 

Modernity demands grace, and what’s more elegant than a glass door or huge glass windows? People get confused, usually, while searching for the best safety glass for their house or even commercial places. Even it is bewildering! This extensive guide will help you a lot in choosing the right glass for such places, where safety is much preferred. 

Safety glass- saves you from being injured! 

As we have mentioned, frequently, ‘the safety glass’, so let us explain what exactly is a safety glass and how it is distinguished from the regular or normal glass. Safety glass is a bit different from normal glass, as it’s specifically manufactured for safety purposes. The sorts of glass won’t break easily, and even if they did, they are less harmful.

Safety glass is a sort of glass that doesn’t break into large and sharp pieces when an external force is applied. It’s made shattered-proof, so that it may not be harmful. Such types of glass are generally used in commercial buildings, houses, offices, or places where we need great protection from burglars. 

Different types of safety glass 

Tempered glass is usually termed as safety glass, but there are also other categories that are stronger enough than normal glass. That’s why they are also considered as safety glass, such as; 

Laminated glass, Plexiglass, Georgian wired, etc. 

  • Laminated Glass- best for window panels

As far as the strength of laminated glass is concerned, it goes through different treatments to make it durable and strong enough. Usually, it is manufactured through pasting Polyvinyl Butyral resin glue among more than 2 sheets of glass, then treated through heat pressures. Then it’s forward for pressing and bonding the two sheets together to create a compound glass. 

These treatments from which laminated glass go through, make it quite a stronger glass. You can use it for safety purposes, as it will never break down into large and sharp pieces. Laminated glass is a great option for introducing large glass windows at any commercial building. Even better for separating cabins in offices. 

  • Plexiglass- enjoy safety with clear visibility

Plexiglass is said to be a significant alternative to glass. It’s not pure glass in fact, but a glass-like sheet that serves the same purpose as glass. There’s one more name of plexiglass; an acrylic sheet. These are abundantly used for building greenhouses, in window panels, and in displaying certain food items by covering them with glass. 

  • Tempered Glass- most preferred safety glass 

Well, there’s no need to wander for safety when you have tempered glass. Tempered glass is the strongest glass ever. It’s highly shatter-proof and heat resistant. This toughened glass is manufactured by a slow cooling process through which it gained its strength.

Tempered glass is amply used in commercial buildings, as it’s nearly impossible to break it. Even if broken down, it can’t harm anyone, with very few chances. That’s probably the reason most people prefer tempered glass for their interior and exterior. 

Why should you choose safety glass?

You might have a bundle of options when you decide to install glass doors and windows either in a house or office, but we always recommend tempered glass. As it has certain reasons, let’s explore these. 

  • In homes- keep your children safe from glass injuries

When it comes to safety in homes, we are more concerned about safety because of kids. We usually bring those items that are quite convenient and safe to use. Installing tempered glass windows and doors in homes is a great recourse as they are highly heat resistant, shattered-proof, and provide great protection. We recommend buying glass tables cover that are made with tempered glass, as they are more protective and can bear weight easily. 

  • In offices- secure workspaces from burglars 

the right glass

Offices are the spaces where tables are used on a daily basis. Here, tempered glass serves its best. Not only just tables but also there you are more concerned about security. By installing tempered glass doors and windows, you can save your spaces from burglars or hackers, also it helps to keep the temperature under control. 

  • Commercial settings- shops, cafes, or restaurants 

the right glass

If you own a café or a shop, you might consider it essential. In cafes or restaurants, dining tables and coffee tables are most used by the public, there you need a glass that cannot be broken and helps easy maintenance. Yes! It’s tempered glass that can help you in this regard. Its smooth finishing helps to maintain cleanliness with just a single wipe of a cloth. As its shattered-proof, you don’t need to be worried about your table’s frequent maintenance. 

While, in stores, tempered glass helps a lot to save your stores or shops from burglars. Also, you can have easy access to make your stuff and items visible to the people, which reflects a great impression. 

How you can differentiate between regular glass and a safety glass 

You might have encountered an incident of glass breakage. Of course, that’s why you are more concerned about your safety. Well, to draw this fear away, you should install tempered glass instead of normal glass.

Here arises a question, how can we differentiate between a regular glass and safety glass/tempered glass? Below are some tricks or guides through which you can make a difference between both sorts of glass and even it’s helpful to make the right choice in choosing the best safety glass.

  • By applying force- fewer sharp pieces ensure no injuries 

the right glass

When a force is applied on regular glass, it usually breaks down easily leaving behind large shards, while on the other hand, safety glass is quite difficult to break down. Safety glass is manufactured through a slow annealing process and goes through different several treatments, in order to get its strength.

It usually breaks down into less sharp and small pieces which are nearly not harmful. This way you can easily identify tempered glass or safety glass. 

  • Regular glass can be reshaped or rework

the right glass

Regular glass is much easier to rework like cutting, polishing edges, and drilling holes. On the other hand, you can’t reshape or cut a tempered glass at home, it will break down easily. Another thing is, tempered glass usually has visible finishing or imperfections (if present), which helps in detecting real tempered glass. 

  • Bit different in manufacturing, too!

the right glass

The way in which glass is manufactured matters a lot. There’s a major difference between the manufacturing of regular glass and tempered glass; the annealing process. A normal glass is cooled down quickly, that’s why it leaves large sharp pieces when broken, while tempered glass is gone through the slow annealing process.

After applying a great amount of heat to the glass, it is left to cool down for a long time, which causes stronger and toughened glass. 

Moving Forward! 

Your safety is the priority! After maintaining our physical health through a healthy diet, we focus on the walls around us, whether they’re safe too or not. Installing glass doors and windows is quite trendy but we need to make sure whether the glass is safe and secure or not.

That’s why safety glass or tempered glass is preferred. You can stay safe and relax if you have installed tempered glass around each corner of your house, office, or any other place.

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