How Do You Spend a Year Studying Abroad?

Going abroad and discovering new cultures is the dream of many high school students. This is both an opportunity to travel, to improve your knowledge of a foreign language and to meet people!

But most of the students leave without realizing the backdrop. Decide whether or not to spend a year studying abroad after high school is a good idea for you after reading this article.

The different options for studying abroad

Studying abroad in the XXI century is no longer an extremely hard task. There are plenty of programs and opportunities for travelling around the world. This can give you information and formation that will prepare you for a very competitive labour market. Let’s find out what options are available here.

A language study trip

If you would like to discover a new culture without immersing yourself completely abroad, a language stay is a good compromise. It allows you to perfect the practice of the language and to travel over a shorter period, ranging from a few weeks to some months.

You dream about Spain? Then check all the programs for holidays or long stays available in any Spanish school Barcelona. Schools like Expanish have a wide variety of options for enjoying this incredible city while learning with high capacitated teachers.

University exchange

This is the best known and most popular option. It involves going for a semester or a year to a university abroad to take courses. This allows you to get to know another culture and especially to speak a foreign language better. Many large schools also require you to go abroad to obtain your diploma. Some schools even have overseas campuses!

Most universities have established bilateral partnerships with their foreign counterparts.

spend a year studying abroad

Higher education abroad

It is also possible to leave for a long time after high school, by choosing to follow a full course abroad. This allows you to discover different ways of learning, which may be better for you. You can also avoid overly selective courses. You can pick a country nearby where it is easier to get the first year. Be careful, however, to register early enough. Sometimes it can be difficult to obtain all the information before making a final decision on spending a year studying abroad. 

Of course, studying abroad does not mean leaving directly after high school: you can very well do a master’s degree in another country or reorient yourself.


Going abroad without studying at a university is possible! For example, you can do an internship in another country. This is the best way to discover other ways of working, and forced practice of the language is sure to help you improve.

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Get two different degrees in a single year abroad

Pursuing a double degree has great similarities with a classic exchange program. It involves going for a semester, or even a full year, in a university or a school abroad. This is an option that usually presents itself during the last year of training. It allows you to validate a diploma in both institutions simultaneously: the home institution and the host institution.

This solution offers many advantages, the first being of course to reduce the duration of your studies, since the two diplomas are combined in one and the same year. The double degree does not necessarily mean double the amount of work. Agreements between institutions ensure that the education in the host school or university covers all the necessary curriculum.

To obtain the foreign diploma, you will be subject to the same exams as local students at the end of your stay. You will then have to validate your diploma on your return via a thesis to be presented or a few additional exams.

In addition, this solution is generally financially advantageous, since registration costs are negotiated between partner institutions. Everything is often less expensive than two consecutive years of study, one in your country and the other abroad.


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