How to accessorize your home to suit your personality

How to accessorise your home to suit your personality

Learning to accessorize your home is something that’s incredibly personal because, after all, your home is the place you go to relax, unwind and enjoy time alone or with your family. It should, therefore, be an extension of your personality, reflecting your hobbies and your interests in the most stylish way possible.  

Accesorize Your Home: Quality not quantity

While populating your place with lots of pieces can be interesting, the likelihood is that it will soon start to look cluttered and dated. You’ll be much better off investing in a quality piece of furniture, painting, or ornament that highlights your personal taste and will last much longer than cheaper items.

Work with your lifestyle

Leaning toward an all-white, minimalist interior? If you have young children or pets, then this may not be for you. Your day-to-day lifestyle is something that needs to be considered so that your interior can work in the long-term and you should always avoid copying directly off something that you’ve seen on Pinterest. Take a look at how to store children’s toys in a stylish way or how to display your holiday trinkets in a way that catches the eye. You don’t even have to stop at accessories either; things like aluminium bifolding doors can bring an element of practicality to family homes.

Accessorize Your Home: Buy what you love, rather than what’s on trend

As we’ve mentioned, you shouldn’t aim to perfectly recreate an interior that you’ve seen on Pinterest or in the pages of a home décor magazine. Usually, these will show what is on trend at that time and are likely to become dated quicker than you think. When shopping for your new accessories, choose items that you love regardless of whether they’re ‘on-trend’ or not. If you love them now, you’re likely to still feel this way in one or two year’s time.

Accessorize Your Home: Repurpose items

One of the best ways to highlight your personality in a room is by repurposing old pieces of furniture. Repurposing, or upcycling, has become hugely popular in the past few years because it is cheap and creative. Spend your weekends exploring second-hand furniture stores or charity shops for pieces that you can inject some new life into. Sometimes even adding a quirky cushion to an old wooden chair can be a stylish addition to a room that was otherwise lacking some personality.

Don’t stick to one theme

Interior design trends come and go so instead of choosing one and sticking to it, mix together a selection of trends that you love. This way you’ll achieve authenticity rather than something that looks like you’ve tried too hard. Avoid shopping in only one store for all of your furniture, accessories and furnishings and your home will look less like it has come directly out of the pages of a catalogue.

When it comes to how to accessorize your own home, who’s to say what you can and can’t do. At the end of a long day, you want to come back to a place that makes you feel happy, comfortable and safe and the way that you achieve this is completely up to you. We’re only here to advise!

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