How to Achieve a Spa-Style in your Bathroom at Home

For some people, the ideal way to de-stress and relax is to visit a spa and spend some time having treatments and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. While there are aspects of a spa you will never be able to replicate at home, there are things you can do to your bathroom to achieve a spa-style and help you relax a little more without leaving the house. 

In this article we are going to look at some changes you can make to your bathroom, some little and some big, to hopefully give you some ideas if you’re looking to bring more of a spa feeling to your bathroom. 

Wood-style flooring 

One of the most iconic features of a spa is the exposed wood of the sauna. Fitting a sauna into the bathroom is not an option for most of us, but there are things we can do to evoke the feeling of being in a sauna. Having exposed wood around your bathroom will help, but the big area to focus on is the floor. 

While you can install a wood floor in your bathroom, there are some key reasons why you shouldn’t. Real wood can easily be damaged and distorted by water and in a bathroom this hard to avoid. A much better alternative is to use vinyl for your bathroom flooring.

With vinyl, you can achieve the look of wood without the drawbacks and potential risk of damage. Luxury vinyl flooring comes in a vast range of styles so you can find one which gives you the look of wood in a colour you like. For a traditional spa feel, a lighter wood colour can work well, but if you’re looking for something a little different you can go for a darker wood and a darker overall colour scheme to your bathroom. 


Bringing plants into your bathroom is an excellent idea for any style, but it works really well when aiming to create a spa-style bathroom. There are several benefits to adding plants to your bathroom. Not only can they add a splash of colour and a nice scent, but they can also help oxygenate the room which can help you relax. 

If you are worried about keeping your plants alive in your bathroom, you can always go for artificial ones just for the colour, but there is something really nice about having a real plant in your bathroom. Finding the space for something like an orchid or just a vase of fresh flowers helps to create a relaxing atmosphere. 

spa style in your bathroom


There is a wide range of accessories you can add to your bathroom to make it feel more like a spa. You can use flower petals or full flower heads and dot them around the room. Often in spa’s, you will see them next to towels and again they just add a nice pop of colour. 

Another popular accessory you see in spa’s are stones. Often these are used for treatments, but when arranged nicely, they can add a different and interesting element to your bathroom. Choosing smooth and quite flat stones is best when looking to stack them. The nice thing with these and other small accessories is that you can change their position as and when you feel like it.  

While you can bring a scent into your bathroom from flowers, an easier way to achieve a stronger smell is by using candles or a diffuser. The advantage of using candles is that they also have an impact on the lighting, which is a key feature of spa-style bathrooms. Dimming the light can help people relax, and simply lighting your bathroom using candles can provide a lovely calming glow along with a lovely scent. 

Stone bath or sink

We mentioned earlier about the importance of wood in a spa environment. Stone is another important material, and there are now some fantastic stone sinks and baths you can install in your bathroom. These not only look fantastic but feel lovely when you’re using them. There is also a range of stone colours so you can find one which fits with your taste and perhaps with any tiles you already have installed in your bathroom. 

Keep it tidy  

One of the most important factors to keep in mind when creating a spa-style bathroom is actually not a feature you can add. By keeping your bathroom tidy and free of clutter, it will help all the other elements stand out and allow you to achieve that spa feel. 

Minimalism is a key feature of most spa’s so trying to keep your bathroom simple and tidy is really important. While this can seem challenging if your bathroom is part of a busy family home, there are some easy ways to keep it tidy. Storage is crucial, so make sure everyone in your family knows where to keep their things and is in the habit of putting them away after using them. Also, trying to avoid buying too many bathroom products which can clutter up your space is important. 

Hopefully, the areas covered above have given you some ideas on how you can create a spa-style bathroom at home! 


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