How to add the personalised touch to your home decor

What a difficult time we have been living through, right? It’s so strange to look back on what we have experienced and to accept that for those of us who love travel life has been so different from what we know. There were no weekends away, or plans with friends that turned into spontaneous travel booking sessions. There were no long-haul flights, or airport selfies. There weren’t any days out in the next town over, either. All of that was gone, and even though it’s been for the good of everyone, it takes its toll. Now that the end in seemingly near, we can learn from the experience by accepting what has been, looking back on what we experienced, and focusing on the future. A future that is hopefully full of great things to come.

I believe in the importance of being surrounded by beauty. Making your home a place that gives you joy and makes you feel a sense of comfort is the key to being able to make instances like what we all lived through more bearable. Sure, being in a beautiful environment isn’t enough to negate all the bad, but being comfortable and surrounded by what we love can help.

So, what can we do with the new memories we make? How about keep them close at hand to remind ourselves of what we lived through and what we experienced? In this post I wanted to share with you some of my favourite ways of preserving our memories. Whether they are travel memories, or memories of the little wins we had during Covid, let’s keep them close. Here’s how.

Make personalised wall art

I think gone are the days when wall art was pretty much the same for everyone. Nowadays we tend to go a more personalised route and steer away from the mass print decorations that were in everyone’s homes years past. Which is why it’s so lovely to be able to create a canvas print with Bonusprint, for example, with your own travel photography. Glancing at those images goes from just being a pretty sight to something that transports you into another world. You have to make sure to get a good printer as some canvas prints don’t have the same vibrancy as your original image, but you can also print out posters which is also a really good option. Once you get the framed, you can’t go wrong.

Print out photo books

How many of us have our photos on the cloud or on memory cards? I can’t even tell you how many photos I may accidentallly stumble upon and have forgotten that exist. With so many new changes happening to the cloud storage systems that we all use, it’s important not to lose our precious memories. Printing out photo books is a great way to get those memories out of our memory cards and the cloud storage systems and directly into our hands.

By printing out photo books you will be able to organise your photos based on each trip, activity, or even monthly or annually. It’s all up to you and depends on how you want to keep things organised. You can choose the size of your photo book, so it’s never going to be an issue that you

Get photos printed out

There is nothing wrong with a good old fashioned photo print order! It’s so lovely to be able to have all of your memories in your hand and pop them into a photo frame. I tend to have photo frames that house more than one photo and swap them out sporadically.

Having photos printed out isn’t just about having them framed and throughout your house. You can also take up a new hobby, like scrapbooking and organise your memories as you see fit. If you have kids it’s also a fun hobby to take up for them too, or something to work together on as a family.

As you can see, surrounding yourself with your favourite memories is a great way to always feel close to your favourite people, and your favourite places. So having your memories close at hand is a lovely way to both beautify your enviornment and feel closer to the important people and things in your life.

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