How to Arrange Your Modular Sofa for a Touch of Celebrity-Style Makeover

Who says you can’t have a living room as gorgeous as the celebs? If you know how to arrange your modular sofa you can give a sophisticated look that is worthy of the pages of Architectural Digest. 

Modular sofas are the interior design trick for achieving the luxe aesthetic while still keeping things liveable for real life. With their endlessly configurable layouts, these posh couches let you customise both form and function. Read on for stunning celebrity-approved ideas to elevate your living room to glam new heights with modular seating.

how to arrange your modular sofa

Scale up in Size

The initial step to establishing a lavish atmosphere is selecting a generously sized sectional. When determining the dimensions of your modular sofa in relation to your space, prioritise wide and deep seats. This ensures there’s ample space for sumptuously plush cushions and the freedom to lounge comfortably. Leave enough breathing room for a cocktail ottoman and side chairs to easily join the setup. Plan for at least 36 – 48 inches surrounding the perimeter.

Curate Custom Configurations 

One of the best facets of modular sectionals is the ability to customise the layout. Use this to your advantage by thoughtfully arranging configurations to define spaces within your open-concept living room. Tailor these sections to cater to various activities, whether it’s watching TV, indulging in fireside reading, engaging in intimate conversations, or seamlessly blending work and leisure.

Emulate celebrity interior designer Nate Berkus’ approach. Float one portion of the sectional to the face of the fireplace, using a console behind it to create separation from the more formal seating area. This setup forms two distinct zones – one for cosy relaxation and another tailored for entertaining. Hung mirrors, shelving displays and floor plants work wonders while enhancing the perception of a larger, grander room.

Layer in Luxury Through Finishes

When it comes to materials and finishes, don’t be afraid to take some bold cues from the bohemian style. Think about thick, luscious textures like velvet and brushed cotton in moody, saturated hues. Deep teal and emerald greens, rich navy blues, and regal violets all evoke a sense of luxury. Meanwhile, performance fabrics like faux leather and durable polyester blends allow for family-friendly practicality. 

Opt for Khloe Kardashian’s modular sofa arrangement for mixing materials and tones that really wow. Her elongated U-shaped sectional incorporates velvet, leather, inviting neutral tones, and pops of leopard print. Echo her formula of blending varying fabric textures in analogous earth tones for a cosy yet eternally chic look. Or make it, even more, better by testing out contrasting colours. Details like tufted cushions, wooden feet, metallic accents and furry throws push the glamour factor to the space.

Elevate With Asymmetries & Geometric Flourishes

To make your modular couch layout feel fresh and modern, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Creating asymmetrical or S-shaped configurations adds modern sophistication, as Courteney Cox, reveals this approach. 

For a similar edge, arrange your modular couch into an asymmetrical, zig-zag, horseshoe, or star pattern instead of a basic rectangle. Finish the celeb-worthy look by topping velvet plush and embroidered throw pillows. Geometric side chairs, hexagon tables, and angular floor lamps introduce complementary shapes into the space. Don’t hold back when it comes to making a geometry-centered fashion statement.

Wrapping Up

A thoughtfully designed modular sofa creates luxury directly within your living space. Play with different configurations on how to arrange your modular sofa until you find an arrangement that works best for your family and home aesthetics. The beauty of sectional sofas lies in their capacity for customization—explore various shapes, fabrics, colors, and dimensions to unlock a myriad of possibilities. Transform your living room into a daily retreat with the flexibility provided by sectional sofas.

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