How to Avoid Insects at Home During Rainy Season

During the rainy season, insects face life-threatening risks such as being washed away, drowning, and losing their habitat and food resources. Thus, they seek shelter indoors as it is warm and drier. It can be very annoying to come across crawling insects in your home. The insects can be a nuisance as they can find their way into your kitchen cabinet and eat your food or into your closet and eat your favorite clothes. Moreover, insects can be a health and safety hazard. Are you wondering how to avoid insects at home during the rainy season? Well, in this article, we will give tips to help prevent insects in your home.

Barricade your Doors

One of the best solutions to prevent unwanted insects from entering your home during the rainy season is barricading all your doors. Even the tiniest gap that allows air to pass through the door could be a gateway for creepy crawlies into your home. Yes, fill the gaps around the sides and top of the doors. Also, install door sweeps and tight-fitting entrances at the base of all the exterior doors to prevent insects from crawling into your house.

Close Openings in Your Home’s Base, Fascia Boards and Exterior Walls

Pests can enter your home through any opening on the exterior. Often, inspect your home for cracks. Use caulk to shut off any cracks and gaps you come across to prevent the entry of insects.

Close Vents Around Utility Lines and Appliances

The vents around the utility lines like the telephone and gas lines and in appliances like the dryer can be an entry route for insects into your house. Inspect the utility lines and appliances for any gaps. Ensure that you fill in the gaps to bar insects from getting into your home through them.

Repair any Damaged Window Screens

How to Avoid Insects at Home During Rainy Season

Insects can squeeze through the holes and cracks in your window screen to seek refuge in your home. Inspect your windows from time to time to ensure your window screens are intact. Repair the cracked and broken window screens to deny entry to the insects.

Set up Critter-Proof Netting on Vents in Crawl Spaces

Rodents such as squirrels, mice, and rats thrive in crawling spaces like vents. Sometimes these rodents carry with them insects like mites and fleas that can infest your home quickly. Therefore, it is imperative to set up barricades on these vents to keep the rodents away. You seek pest control services up-to-date techniques for treating and mitigating insects and rodents in your home. Pests are not only a threat to the investments in your home but can also affect the safety and health of your family.

Get Rid of Trash and Clutter

A cluttered and messy home is an insect’s heaven because it provides a good hiding and breeding place. Remove any unnecessary clutter like clothes, boxes, and newspapers from your house. Keep your floors free of food crumbs and items not in use. Also, do not let dirty dishes pile up in your sink as they can attract insects. Instead, clean them as soon as possible. Moreover, ensure your food waste bins are sealed and disposed of regularly.

Keep Wood Dry

Insects like termites are attracted by damp wood. Thus, ensure that you keep wood dry during the rainy season. However, during the rainy season, it can be a little difficult to keep wood that is in the exteriors dry. We would recommend that you work with expertise to help you exterminate the termites. The pest specialist will offer you solutions that will help keep the termites and other insects away from the wood.

Use the Yellow Light Bulbs

Insects such as flies and moths are usually attracted to light. You can keep the insects away by turning off your exterior lights at night. Moreover, change your home’s light bulb from white to yellow. This will keep insects away because they are less attracted to the yellow lights.

Clear Stagnant Water and Bushes

Stagnant water and bushy areas like long grass are excellent breeding and hiding grounds for insects such as mosquitos. Mosquitoes are a significant health hazard as they cause malaria. Therefore, clear the stagnant water and bushes around your house and garden to eliminate potential breeding and hiding ground for insects.

Wrapping Up

Keeping your home insect free during the rainy season should be a no-brainer. Use the tips we have covered above. Do not wait to take action after pests have invaded your home and multiplied significantly. More importantly, seek pest control services if you notice any insect or rodent in your home.

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