Lost a Tooth? Here’s How to Bring Back Your Smile with Dental Implants

We often take for granted the simplicity of having a dentist who we can rely on. We certainly have better healthcare than the middle-ages, but sometimes a tooth emergency can hit you when you least expect it. Accidents happen, and some time or another you may find yourself without a tooth. If you’ve found yourself in this situation then Dental Implants by Ten Dental could provide you with the much-needed confidence. Here’s just a little bit of information and insight into dental implants and how they can benefit your teeth today. 

What are dental implants? 

Although it sounds complicated, receiving a dental implant couldn’t be simpler and provides long-term protection for your teeth. Dental implants are surgically installed into the gum. This is so that a dentist can place a tooth or a crown on the implant. Implants are more reliable than dentures because they don’t come loose and are made from titanium. Dental implants also go a long way in improving oral hygiene because unlike dentures there is no need to be anchored to teeth, they are essentially bedded into the bone, effectively creating another bit of you, providing reliable and stable support for your artificial teeth. There are so many brilliant professionals that you can trust, like dental implants London, but you need to make sure to do your research and heed recommendations, too. 

Do they hurt? 

For any of you who are a little bit squeamish, the previous paragraph may have put the fear in you. But don’t worry, dental implants are quick and easy procedures completed under general anaesthetic. There may be some post-surgery swelling and pain but that will go down fairly quickly; leaving you with some much healthier teeth to show for it. It’s important that before you receive any dental surgery that you have healthy gums and teeth. This is done to ensure you can get the most from the implant. If this isn’t the case, you may need to get a bone graft to ensure the bone that will be receiving the implant is strong and sturdy enough. 

More importantly, we’d recommend doing ample research and sourcing for a dental clinic that will provide the best services. While the procedure may still hurt a little, you need not worry too much as long as you’re in good hands. For instance, getting dental implants at Dentart chicago will be a breeze; you need not stress as this is one of the best dental clinics in America.

How they benefit your oral hygiene? 

Once you’ve got past the initial swelling associated with your dental implant it’s time to reap the rewards of the amazing oral hygiene that comes with your brand new implants. Not only does the implant improve your smile and make you confident in showing off your new teeth but it also has benefits when it comes to; speech, pain when eating, and your oral hygiene. Dental implants are fused below the gum and to the bone, unlike dentures. Therefore, there’s less chance of infection because of food. Although dental implants can seem expensive, their longevity is something you’ll be grateful for, for life. 

Now that you understand everything there is to know about dental implants the only thing left to do is get them if you need them. Get in touch with Ten Dental today to find out how a dental implant can improve your oral hygiene today.

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