How to bring global decor to your home without travelling

Many of us dream of having a home curated with fantastic mementos from our travels. A home that showcases our travels and experiences abroad whilst allowing us to hold on to those moments where our wanderlust took us to faraway lands and immersed us in cultures foreign to ours. The thing is, we don’t all have the time to travel the world or even the means to jet away as often as we’d like to. Add to that the current pandemic and working on ways to bring global decor to your home can feel like it’s a little out of our reach. It doesn’t have to be though, check out how you can easily bring global decor to your home without travelling.

What is global decor?

This may seem like quite the simple question – what is global decor? Global decor is more than just the collection of knick-knacks from a souvenir shop. Consider it an appreciation of the traditional cultural elements from around the world.

Of course, your definition of global decor will differ from someone else’s because of your location in the world, which is part of the beauty that makes this decor style unique.

Bring home global decor without travelling

The whole purpose of global decor to some may be the incorporation of using your favourite curated bits from your travels into your home. Whilst that is a great way to add your personal style don’t limit yourself to solely that.

You can add global decor to your home by:

Working with what you have

If you already have some beautiful engineered wood flooring in your home then why not let that be the backdrop you add your elements to. Have you seen how a colourful rug comes to life on the right floor? Some people may use rugs to cover flaws in flooring, which is totally ok, but a good floor can be the base for your global decor to come to life.

How to bring global decor to your home without travelling
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Shop online

Most of us are still spending most of our time staying safe at home, which is why shopping online is now even more popular than ever. The thing about global decor is that you can easily fall into the trap of buying items that are unethical or not fair trade items.

Try to be more conscious of your shopping both on and offline, but be even more scrutinous when shopping online as that’s the easiest place to be deceived. I love shopping at places like Etsy, West Elm, and for those of you in the states, World Market. These shops not only bring you items that are ethical and fair trade, they also help keep you safe during the pandemic by letting you shop online!

Bonus tip for all you foodies out there: World Market also imports a lot of international food! Which is great as you can shop for new bits both for your home and your cupboard!

Mix and Match

I’ve fallen victim in the past to thinking that things needed to be more cohesive. This thinking kept my decor ambitions in the box and prevented me from truly enjoying the more bohemian style that I wanted to have in my home.

This happens to a lot of us when it comes to decoration. We want our homes to be show home ready, but neglect that what they truly need to be is a reflection of our style and our day to day life.

This is why instead of focusing on trying to keep things completely monochromatic or matchy-matchy, a more global decor gives you the freedom to make your home truly reflect your style and your global adventures; or those you long to have!

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