How To Buy Home Maintenance And Improvement Products Online

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Thanks to the global Coronavirus pandemic, many retailers in the USA have shut their stores, or reduced their open hours considerably. 

As a result, many consumers are going online to buy the products they need to keep themselves occupied during the shelter in place orders that have been issued by governors in states across the nation. 

Those stuck indoors often turn to DIY home improvement projects, but it can be hard to buy the supplies you need when you can’t visit a store and see exactly what you’re getting. 

To help confused homeowners and novice home improvers, here’s our guide to buying home improvement products online. 

Order Products For Each Project From The Same Retailer

When you’re ordering a lot of DIY and home maintenance products online, it can sometimes be difficult to remember what each of them is going to be used for. You could even find yourself buying the same product more than once if you’re using several retailers. Find retailers that offer a selection of the products you need, so you can purchase them all together.

For example, if you’re looking to replace the air filters throughout your home, then FilterBuy has products of all sizes and types, so you can find everything you need in one place. 

Measure Everything Twice

Creating or repairing a piece of furniture or a part of your home requires precision. If your screws, nails, drill bits or other materials are the wrong sizes, then you could damage your property or struggle to complete your project. As such, it’s vital that you measure everything thoroughly before you place your order. Measure twice, and, if in doubt, ask a member of your household to take the measurement for you or to help you find out exactly what size product you need. 

Don’t Forget Tax And Postage

Many online retailers will list their product prices without tax and postage included. As a result, you could end up paying more for a product after these costs have been added. Try to find an online store that included tax in its prices and has free delivery, so that you can reduce the cost of your home improvement projects. 

Examine Product Photos Closely 

One of the best things about visiting a home improvement store is that you get to examine the products on offer before you buy them. Online, it’s impossible to pick up and hold the product, but you can review the photos on the product page to check that you’ve got the right solution.

If you’re unsure or the photos aren’t clear, then don’t buy the product, and instead consider checking out other options or contacting the retailer by email or phone for advice. 

Check Out DIY Blogs For Advice

Sometimes, consumers buy a home improvement products online, only to find out that there are other options out there that might have worked better. A great way to avoid this is to follow DIY blogs, which often have reviews of products and lists of everything you’ll need to complete a project successfully. Use these blogs and review sites to work out exactly what you need for every project and find the best retailer to supply it. 

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