How to Choose Good Quality Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs are different from “regular wigs” or lace wigs. The cap construction is different because the procedure to make the wigs is quite different. Lace front wigs are constructed with a lace base. Hair extensions or hair wefts are standard as well as adjustable straps at back. The wig has combs attached at the sides for security.

Hair strands are tied on a lace base at the front of the forehead or scalp to create the natural hairline. This makes lace front wigs look very extremely natural. Most of the time you can’t even tell someone is wearing a wig!

Achieve the natural look by customising your wig to look as natural as you want it to. So, how do you do it?

Why Wear a Lace Front Wig

Lace front wigs don’t use glue or tape to secure the wig on the head as other wigs do. Generally these wigs are the ear to ear type without glue or tape so that you can easily slip the wig on and off.

Wigs in general are easier to wear than one may think. The first step is to remove the wig from the box and remove all netting, tags, and protective foam for packing material to keep the wig in place. It is necessary to wash your hair prior to wearing the full lace wig. Place the wig on you forehead to check how it fits and if there is need to cut or trim the lace on your forehead to make it fitting better.

Start by removing off excess lace at the front of the wig. Human hair lace front wig looks so natural that it is almost undetectable. Once ready secure the front with two combs and make adjustments in the back with the straps. Spend some time playing around with the best feel for you.

You can also cut the hair as you wish. You’ll need to place your wig on a model head to make it more accurate. Use of clips to keep the hair in place and then start cutting from the sides along the hairline according to what you like.

Why are Lace Front Wigs so Popular?

They Save Time

Lace front wigs have become very popular because they are easy and quick to wear. They are also quite hassle free, making sure waste less time sorting it out. The most important factor that helped it’s popularity is precisely that – helping you look good in no time!

Nowadays we don’t have too much time to spare our hair. Seriously, with our busy lifestyles hardly anyone styles their hair daily. We tend to visit the hairstylist only when we want a new haircut or colour. We don’t get our hair styled like many women of older generations did.


Full lace wigs are also more durable that other alternatives. The cap of the full lace wig is constructed with a lace base. Then virgin hair strands are tied on it by hand which creates a more natural looking wig. Despite the attention that goes into making them, it is possible to get a good quality wig at an affordable rate!

You Can Buy Online

In addition, it is also possible to buy wigs online without needing to try them on. There are tools available online that can enable you to try different hair styles and wigs prior to buying one.

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