How to Choose the Best Colour for Your Wood Flooring


When remodelling your house, or even choosing finishes for your new build the issue of how to choose the best wood floor for your wood flooring comes up often. This includes deciding on the colour for your wood flooring.

Now that I think of it, it’s not only a huge remodel or becoming the owner of a new build that leads us to change up our floors. Sometimes we just want to re-do a room, flooring included. Wood flooring is a stunning option for any home. If your home interiors are more classic than shabby chic your wood flooring may have a different shade, but whatever the decor you go for, just know that there’s a wood flooring option available.

How to Choose the Best Colour for Your Wood Flooring

Light Wood Floors

Light wood floors can be absolutely beautiful if you make the right selection. A light colour wood floor can give you a perfect base for whatever colour you decide to bring into the room with your furnishings. Even though what will go on top of your floor, like all of your furniture and decor, plays a big part in the design, we can’t ignore the walls.  The thing about using light floors is that you can also pair them with a wall of the same colour – it will make a perfect backdrop for the room and everything you put in it.

How to Choose the Best Colour for Your Wood Flooring

Dark Wood Floors

A contrast that you will see often is a dark wood floor in a room with light furniture and accessories. If you opt for dark wood flooring ensuring that the palette includes the same shade of your floor throughout, like in sideboards and coffee tables, will make the room feel complimentary and give it a cohesive and grounded feeling.

Should you steer towards reddish woods or opt for a more brown shade when choosing the colour for your wood flooring? It all depends on the decor and design you have planned for the room. Wood floors with a browner colour are perfect as they tend to be more versatile with more design options.

What About A Cherry Wood Colour?

Cherry coloured wood flooring isn’t something that is very popular in Europe but it is a traditional colour to choose in North America. This wood that is traditionally grown in the USA and Canada has always been a firm favourite on the other side of the pond. The colour is beautiful, and if paired with light furnishings, traditional Oriental rugs or even plush white or light coloured rugs it will make a statement that will set your home apart from the rest.

With all the options available wood flooring is a viable option no matter what your decor is. It all comes down to picking a hue and letting your imagination run wild.

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