How to Choose Your Prom Dress Well in Advance


If you’re looking for prom dresses online, it’s important to take your time and look in the right places! You don’t have to go out and buy a prom dress in many months in advance, but planning ahead and getting an idea of what type of dress it is you want is going to help you focus on the overall theme of your outfit without having to fret at the last minute. Or worse yet, ending up going to prom looking like every other one of your friends. So, go ahead and do deep research on dresses beforehand. During your spare time, check online shops and get inspired by new ideas. A great source to start with is Fame & Partners, where you can find a diverse variety of prom dresses. You can make your research easier, by pointing out several criterias your dress should hold.

Pick the Length

With so many options available for lengths, that’s the first thing you should consider when you choose your prom dress, in my opinion. Determining the length of the dress can be the best way to begin to narrow down the style you should consider. A long prom dress can give you options like mermaid style dresses and floor-length ball gowns.

Narrow Down the Style

Having narrowed down the length of the dress can help you narrow down the style you are going to wear on the day. Long dresses are perfect for a formal occasion and can help you go for a more dramatic colour to make a bold statement. On the other hand, a long dress can also be demure and innocent and make you look like you’ve stepped out of a fairy-tale.

Dresstells Asymmetric Ball Gown £110 // Sleeveless Floor Length Gown £65 // Forever Unique Jessie £415 // Sequin Mermaid Dress £70

Take Your Personality into Account

If you’ve narrowed down the length the next thing to consider is the little details of the dress that will make or break your look. From dresses with sleeves to sequined dresses take your personality into account and wear something that is true to your style and you look. A slip dress is perfect for the more minimal type, whilst a dress with cutouts may be perfect for you. It all depends on your style, what you feel comfortable in, and what you think you look best in.

Ariella Ariella Couture £183 // MAClothes £90 // Miss Selfridge Camisole Prom Dress £34 // Little Mistress Baroque Front Dress £33 // Jaeden Simple Gold £40

Think of the Colour

The colour of a dress is just as important a factor as the length and style. We don’t need to focus on whatever the trending shades may be for the year, though if you’re into that it’s totally fine.  If the colour suits you and you love it then go for the colour trends. However, don’t feel like you need to just to fit in. You’ll look much more radiant if you wear a colour that suits your skin tone and hair.

Consider Your Budget

Nowadays you can find a lovely dress for a reasonable budget, but in order to have all the previous components fall into place, you still need to consider your budget. It’s quite pointless to find the perfect dress but have it be completely out of your budget. But it’s just as pointless to find a dress that is spot on the budget but that doesn’t suit you based on all the other factors.

The reality is that you need to find a dress that is perfect – in colour, price, length and that you feel stunning in. That’s definitely one of the big reasons to start the hunt for the perfect prom dress with time to spare!

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