How to Create a Kitchen Diner Feel

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There are lots of key décor features that work well together to create a unique kitchen-diner feel and incorporating them into your own interiors can create a really nice aesthetic. Kitchen-diners are ideal for bringing two spaces together with different functions, to create one large space that you can utilise and really make the most of. This style of living space is also ideal for family living, providing you with the perfect setup for socialising, entertaining and enjoying quality family time. 

create a kitchen diner
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Use the Right Lighting

Before you start to plan any other aspects of your kitchen-diner, you need to consider your lighting. Lighting plays a huge part in the overall feel of a room and in the kitchen you want to create a fresh yet welcoming atmosphere. The aim is to add plenty of lighting positioned strategically around your kitchen in order to light up certain areas. This will help to create zones – which is ideal within an open plan kitchen. 

Space is Key

One of the main reasons for creating a kitchen diner within the home is to have a spacious, sociable space for you and your family and friends to enjoy. Having both areas combined is so beneficial with more space to sit, prepare and enjoy. When designing your kitchen-diner you want to keep space in mind and ensure you have plenty of room. Don’t cramp things close together as this will create a space that feels cluttered and claustrophobic.

Make it Work for You

To create a kitchen diner you need to include things that are going to make the space work for you. For instance, if you have a large family then you want to ensure there’s enough space for you to all sit around and enjoy the kitchen diner at the same time. Similarly, it may be more efficient for you to have a double oven, water distiller, bar stools and even two microwaves to make cooking and preparing much easier for more people. 

create a kitchen diner
Image Source: Homey Decoration

Introduce a Kitchen Island

When working with large kitchen spaces, the best way to utilise the space properly and create something that works well for you is to add a kitchen island. Islands are ideal for providing additional surface space for prepping food, an area for bar stools to create a smaller dining space and even for adding an extra sink to the kitchen.

The island will really help to draw the whole kitchen together and finish off the kitchen-diner look perfectly. Whether you opt for a larger island to accommodate a few different needs, or you opt for something smaller to simply add a little extra surface space, an island will transform your kitchen and make it so much easier to use from day to day. 

create a kitchen diner
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