How to do the Perfect DIY Home Energy Audit

There are many home improvement projects you can do that will make your house more livable and comfortable. Yet although you may be thinking of building a sunroom or renovating your bathroom, making your property more energy-efficient can accomplish a lot of the same goals with much less work. 

When you do everything possible to reduce your consumption, you’ll enjoy more than lower utility bills. You also may stop drafts, improve your lighting, better ensure the safety of your structure, and upgrade your appliances or windows. Best of all, many important steps you can take to improve efficiency are relatively simple jobs you could finish in less than an afternoon. Before you start, it’s a good idea to take stock of where you may be in the most need of help. 

Time for an Audit…

One of the best ways to get the ball rolling is to conduct a home energy audit. This may seem like something that only a trained professional should handle, but it’s also possible to do it yourself. Experienced technicians can pinpoint problems with your HVAC system and other complicated elements of your house. But a DIY audit can find many common issues that hurt your home’s efficiency. 

For example, check for any cracks or gaps that may exist in your drywall. These are especially prevalent around windows and doors. Once you’ve found them, it’s a simple matter to seal them and keep air from leaking in or out of your spaces. Another easy fix is to set your water heater at 120 degrees Fahrenheit, if it isn’t already. This can prevent you from wasting resources because you’re keeping the temperature too high. 

If you’re searching for some quick and easy home improvement jobs that can have a significant impact on your energy bill, take a look at the accompanying checklist. It lays out everything you need to know for auditing your property. 

DIY Home Energy Audit Checklist created by Mendel Plumbing and Heating.


Author bio: Tom Mascari is President of Mendel Plumbing and Heating. Providing Geneva, Illinois plumbing and HVAC services since 1985. Mendel Plumbing and Heating has a reputation for expert customer service and technical performance. The company also specializes in residential air duct sealing, remodeling and maintenance services to the Fox Valley area.

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