How to easily identify gold and its 4 different types

How to easily identify gold and its 4 different types

When it comes to shopping for a piece of gold jewellery for either yourself or someone important in your life, it can be incredibly confusing for some because nowadays, there is a vast selection of different kinds of gold to choose from. Rather than making shopping for gold jewellery easier, it has made it a lot more difficult than it should be. In order to be able to make the right kind of choices when choosing gold jewellery or gifts, you need to educate yourself on the many different types that are currently available to you and know how to easily identify gold.

For example, there is gold-filled, gold vermeil, gold plated and, of course, solid gold. Luckily for you, an explanation about them can be found online as well as from a gold dealer near you. These dealers would be happy to give you a clear and concise explanation of the different types of gold jewellery that you can purchase. If you are still a little bit in the dark when it comes to the differences between these different types of gold, then maybe the following can help to illuminate you somewhat.

How to easily identify gold and its 4 different types - solid gold bar

How to easily identify gold and its 4 different types

Solid Gold

This is exactly what it sets out to be and this is jewellery that is made entirely from gold itself. You will find that there are many different types of carats but pure gold is 24 carats, just like those authentic gold bars for sale in Brisbane as well as in other cities around the world. Unfortunately, this would make it much too soft to be able to wear as a jewellery item; other metals need to be added to give it strength.

Gold Plated

If you have purchased gold-plated gold before, then you probably know that it has only a light layer of gold on top or other base metal that usually consists of brass or copper. The gold layer is plated onto the metal, and this is then called gold-plated jewellery. The issue with this type of jewellery is that the gold can rub off quite easily when you’re doing your day-to-day things like washing dishes and doing some gardening. The upside of this type of gold is that it is incredibly affordable and it is perfect for those times when you just want to wear the item of jewellery for a short period of time.

Gold Vermeil

This is a slightly better option in that the gold plating is much thicker and it is put on top of real sterling silver. Another selling point is that many people have allergies to certain levels but gold vermeil, it is hypoallergenic and so it is safe for people with allergies to wear. Much like gold-plated jewellery, the gold can wear off after a time, but it’s a lot thicker and so it will take many years for this to happen.

Gold Filled

This differs in that it is actually a solid layer of gold that is then bonded to another base like brass, for example. Gold itself is about 14 carats and because the gold itself is bonded to the base rather than going through the plating process, it will not rub off and so, many describe it as having the same type of qualities as solid gold jewellery. The upside is that you can get the purchase for a fraction of what it normally would cost to buy real gold.

Hopefully this has helped to shine some light on the subject and it will help you when it comes to choosing a piece of jewellery for yourself or for someone who is dear to you. Everything in life depends on the budget that you can spend and also how often the recipient will wear it.

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How to easily identify gold and its 4 different types
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