How to Find the Best Broadband Phone Deals on the Market Today

Broadband is something that many of us can ill-afford to live without. As a blogger and freelance writer, I for one can honestly say that a good home broadband service is absolutely indispensable. Without it, not only would I be unable to manage my workload effectively, but I would also miss out on campaign opportunities and find it very hard to keep up with the time-consuming job of promoting my business on social media.

The reliability and speed of a quality broadband service is obviously of prime concern. Doing one’s research before choosing a broadband provider is, in my opinion, vital.

With broadband always comes the evergreen option of combining your broadband and phone calls in one package, i.e. a special price where both are provided by the same company. I say this is an evergreen option because despite society’s increasing reliability on smartphones (and I’m not denying my own!), I’ve always felt that having a home phone is very handy.

I have a lot of family members who live abroad so a dependable phone call service allows me to keep in close contact with my loved ones. And personally, I still find holding a telephone to my ear preferable to using smartphone services like Whats App or Facetime.

Finances are an ever-growing concern to most of us. With rising pump prices, council tax and utility bill increases and of course, the uncertainty created by Brexit, finding ways to save money on home essentials is a vital part of managing one’s budget.

So a site that allows me to look through a great selection of broadband phone deals is right up my alley. And I can even easily see the precise broadband speed, set up costs and other key terms offered by each individual deal I check out.

A reliable, fast and cost effective broadband phone deal, like the one currently being offered by BT, will ensure that I can have an unlimited amount of fast broadband and also save money on phone calls e.g. by including weekend, evening or anytime calls in the package cost.

If you follow my advice and have a good gander online, you’ll see that the very healthy competition we have in the UK between broadband and phone providers is the perfect base from which to save a significant amount of money.

I can tell you from personal experience that not every country has it as good. My own country of birth, the US, is stifled by a select number of companies when it comes to broadband and phone providers. As a result, prices are inflated and reliability, speed and customer service can leave a lot to be desired.

What are your thoughts on broadband phone deals and has this post changed your approach to them?





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