How to find the right diet for your body type and lifestyle

Let’s face it, when it comes to constructing a healthy diet to improve your lifestyle, it can be difficult to know what is going to work for you. Everyone has different body types and lifestyles that can affect the way that they eat and drink. That’s why it’s important to know what you enjoy eating, what your daily routine looks like and how you can keep your body happy and healthy. Instead of just following another fad diet, read on to learn how you can find the right diet for your type of body and lifestyle.

The Different Body Types

As we said, there are a ton of body types out there that require different diets to keep them fit and healthy. If we want to go fancy then we can start with some general categories, aka. Ectomorphs (thinner individuals), Mesomorphs (medium/athletic individuals) and Endomorphs (larger individuals.) However, for the sake of our sanity, let’s focus on some simpler categories. They include:

Apple Body: The individual should have a thick torso and shoulders but smaller hips, legs and arms. You may also carry weight around your stomach.

Pear Body: The person will have narrow shoulders, a small waist, larger hips and thighs.

Hourglass Body: The hourglass body type has its weight evenly distributed between their top and body. They tend to be curvy and have a very defined waist. 

Ruler Body: This body type will be naturally thin and may lack curves. Gaining weight may be difficult for such a person.

For each of these types, gaining weight may be more or less obvious, depending on how curvy their body is naturally. However, each body type may still have higher risks for certain diseases, such as diabetes for the pear body and heart disease for the apple body.

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Food & Different Body Types

Now, whether you are trying to find the right diet on your own or get some help by joining UK Weight Loss Camp From Prestige Bootcamp, it’s important to know what kind of meals your type of body should be eating in order to help you lose weight. That’s why we have compiled a quick guide below to help:

Apple Body Type: Focus on eating monounsaturated and omega 3 fats to help you feel fuller for longer. Avoid carb snacks, as these will make you put on weight faster.

Pear Body Type: Eat lean proteins, leafy greens and healthy fats. This will help you reduce your weight and build muscle. Avoid sugary snacks and pre-processed meals.

Hour-Glass Body Type: Focus on veggies for snacks so that you can eat a lot of good food without building up calories. Avoid sugary snacks

Ruler Body Type: Balance carbs, fats and proteins so that you can start storing fat. Avoid pre-processed foods and large slabs of meat.

Lifestyle Choices

Some people just naturally have more active lifestyles than others, due to their job. It’s hard to avoid snacking in the office but it’s something that you will have to learn to cope with! Avoid the kitchen and bringing in sugary snacks. And remember, it’s still possible to make delicious treats at home that are low syn, such as healthy carrot cake.

Instead, make sure to pack your lunch every night so you know exactly how many calories you’re taking in. Don’t forget to always have a water bottle close by because staying hydrated can also keep that hunger feeling at bay. Make sure you use a good water filter to get the purest water in your body.Work-place stress can make you eat more, so make sure to find other ways to relax instead of eating.

Have you decided which is the right diet for your body type and lifestyle?

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