How To Get Whiter Teeth And A More Confident Smile

How To Get Whiter Teeth And A More Confident Smile

Smiling fills you with confidence and releases hormones helping you feel happier and more excited. Everyone is encouraged to smile more, but what if you don’t like your smile? Many people hate their smile because they don’t like the way their teeth look. Perhaps yours have turned a pale shade of yellow over the years and you feel embarrassed when you see them in photos. 

It forces you to either smile unconfidently without teeth or to not smile at all. Your self-esteem drops and there are far fewer smiles in your life. What if you learned how to get whiter teeth and enjoy a more confident smile? It’ll encourage you to smile more often, making you feel a lot happier. 

Here’s what you need to do: 

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Brush Regularly & Use Mouthwash

Brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste will help to prevent plaque build-up in your mouth. This can stop your teeth from going yellow while ensuring they remain as healthy as possible. Using a mouthwash once or twice a day between meals will further improve this – and some are formulated to help your teeth gradually whiten. 

It’s good to use mouthwash after meals as it helps to wash away any bacteria or things stuck to your teeth from the food/drink you ingested. Keep up this habit and you’re sure to see results. 

Try Professional Teeth Whitening

You can buy teeth whitening kits or toothpaste online, but they rarely work. If your teeth are already fairly yellow, the only way to make them lighter is through professional teeth whitening services. Most dentists provide this nowadays and they typically involve custom aligners and bleaching gels. 

The aligners are like gumshields that fit in your mouth and the bleaching gel goes inside them. The more you wear the aligners, the whiter your teeth get. It’s proven to work – so if you use this method to whiten your teeth, good oral hygiene should ensure they stay that way. 

Drink Through A Straw – Especially When Drinking Tea or Coffee

Did you know that teeth discolouration is largely caused by drinking? Most specifically, the tannin in tea and coffee stains them and causes a yellowish tinge. You can avoid this by not drinking these drinks, though we know how hard that can be. 

A better choice is to drink through a straw. It ensures the liquid avoids as much contact with your teeth as possible, so they won’t stain and can remain a nice pearly white colour for longer. Drinking through a straw also protects your teeth from sugar or acids, so it’s a good habit to get into at all times. If you forget, then at least try to use a straw for tea or coffee and your teeth will thank you. 

Having a set of white teeth makes you want to smile more and this will make you feel good about yourself. We all need to smile more as it’s proven to make us happier and more confident. If your teeth are discouraging you from this, use these tips to turn the tide! 

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