How to Learn How to Dance at a Rave

You may have the attire to hit up a rave, but your dance skills may be lacking. Dancing is one of the most important things because you need to know how to move to the music and it’s a good way of interacting with the people there. If you are here looking for some raving dance moves or to learn how to rave here are some tips to help you learn how to dance at a rave. 

Watch YouTube Videos

The great thing about the internet after getting your festival and rave attire at is learning how to dance. You can watch YouTube videos for hours and pick up foundational steps to keep you in the game when you’re at a rave dance circle. Jumping, head-banging, and fist-pumping are common. 

Learn how to shuffle and poi to separate yourself from the average rave go-er. You can look at instruction videos that help you learn the moves step-by-step. Find someone well-known to give you an easy tutorial as you start learning the dance steps. 

Practice in Front of the Mirror

It’s not a bad idea to practice in front of the mirror to see what you’re doing. This way, you can compare and contrast the moves you’ve learned and see if you got the form down. Also, it’ll help you build more confidence in how your body looks when you do the movements. 

You might want to attend a class as well to help you get some basic dance steps. They also have better dance areas where you can have a big mirror to yourself. An instructor can give you advice and some formal training to add to your repertoire. 

Attend Smaller Events 

It might be a mini-rave or a practice session where people go weekly or monthly. Start entering the circle and asking questions. It’ll help you build confidence as people know you’re just learning. 

Also, you can see different styles of rave dancing. It’ll broaden your mind, and maybe you can learn a few techniques to adapt to your style. When you’re more comfortable dancing in front of people, it’ll be much easier when you head to a big rave festival, and there are a lot of people looking in the dance circle. 

Not to mention, it’s a great way to meet friends and build a bond to start going to rave dances together. 

When you can find classes, practice with experienced people, and train by yourself, it’ll help you build your skillset for rave festivals. 

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