How to Make my Bathroom a Better Space

How to Make my Bathroom a Better Space

If there’s one room I’m not too proud of in my home, it’s definitely my bathroom. I’ve moved home 3 times in the last 7 years, for work and other practical reasons, and to be honest, I’ve had to prioritise other home improvement projects over thinking about how to make my bathroom a better space.

When it comes to my home, I’m all for comfort and peace. And that’s probably why my first priority has always been my bedroom. I’m not a great sleeper, to say the least, so having the best possible bed set-up, the right colours, and having my entire bedroom as organised as I can is my greatest need.

My living room is a close second. “Netflix and Chill” is a bit of a priority in terms of downtime in my home, but chilling depends on a tidy, peaceful environment or it’s really not going to be too relaxing.

If you throw in the equally critical need for my kitchen to be as enticing as possible, particularly when cooking isn’t a particularly endearing prospect, you can see why my bathroom is getting a pretty raw deal attention-wise!

So, you’re probably wondering, is my bathroom as bad as I’m making it sound? Well, no, I mean, it has everything it’s supposed to have, I mean I’m not having to shower at the neighbours or anything like that!  But let’s just say it’s functional, and if you take the fact that it’s the smallest room in the house, it really isn’t so hard to think about how to make it a place I want to be in rather than a space I have to be in.


I’ve spent the last week or so looking around for improvement ideas that will make a difference, and I’m thinking of installing something like these fitted units. A vanity unit would give me the functionality that I need whilst also making the bathroom as pretty and clutter-free as can be.


My current flat has no space for a bathtub and it’s a part of the bathroom that I really miss! There’s nothing like unwinding from a long day with a nice drink and soaking your stresses away. A deep Japanese soaker tub is on my wishlist. The concept of a wetroom with a soaker tub just makes my interiors obsessed heart pitter patter.

So, alas, I may finally be focusing on making my bathroom go from functional to fabulous. After all, all you need is a little bit of imagination and some great inspiration!


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