How To Make Your Kitchen Appear Bigger Than It Really Is

Every kitchen needs to be functional, and if yours is a little on the small side and space is limited, more care should be taken with the design. If any room demands careful planning, it’s the kitchen, and with space being an issue, you need to look for novel ways to gain a few square centimetres here and there. Narrow kitchens can be a real challenge design-wise, and with that in mind, here are a few ways to make the room look more spacious.

Sliding Doors

Whether the entrance door or the kitchen cabinets, sliding doors will certainly give you a little more room. If all your cabinets have sliding doors, they make the central walkway look a lot larger, and with no sharp edges protruding, you are reducing the risk of an accident. If you would like to view a range of sliding door kitchen cabinets, your online home improvement supplies company would have top name brands, all at affordable prices.

Smaller Sink Unit

Do you really need a double sink unit? By replacing it with a Franke stainless steel sink, you will create a more spacious look and with worktops either side, you won’t really miss that extra sink. There are sink units of all shapes and sizes, ensuring a suitable solution and with your DIY skills, the unit will be functional before you know it.

Mini Breakfast Bar

By removing that large dining table and replacing it with a tailored mini breakfast bar, you will gain valuable floor space. Make sure the style is in keeping with the look of the room and with a few attractive bar stools, your dining area will be more than adequate. Even a couple of metres is better than nothing, and if you are not into DIY, your local handyman could do this in half a day. The bar itself can be narrow in width, which will help to keep things in proportion. For useful advice on how to make the most out of a small kitchen that includes some clever ways to gain a little extra space, there are articles you can find online.

kitchen appear bigger: green plant on kitchen worktop.

Low Furniture

Avoid any high-backed chairs and keep your wall mounted cabinets a little lower than eye level, which will also help make the room feel more spacious. If you are thinking of replacing your kitchen cabinets, do away with the floor level units and have a few mounted on the walls. A limited space kitchen needs all the floor space it can get, and if at all possible, keep the lower half of the room free of storage space.

Online Solutions

Whatever you decide to add to the kitchen, the online supplier can offer you quality items at affordable prices, as they do not have the massive overheads of traditional bricks and mortar retailers. From floor to ceiling, you can shop for everything you need in a single browsing session and with a secure online payment, your items will be on their way.

There’s still time to make the changes before Christmas when that extra space will be much appreciated, and with an online supplier, you’ll still have enough cash for your Christmas gifts.

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