How to Mix Travel Into Your Interior Design


Learning how to mix travel into the appearance of your home is what every explorer wants to do, and you can make some amazing and eye-catching interior design choices by doing so. That trip where you bought loads of locally handmade wooden ornaments, will look great in your home, and so many other things you have picked up from your travels too.

Everything from photographs to countless tickets for museums and trains, not to mention all the leftover currency you have, this can all be displayed in your home. Travelling can change you a lot as a person, and it is great to reflect this change and the journey you have been on in the place where you live. Try some of these fantastic travel related ways to decorate your home, and see how you can transform your home today. Read on to find some great inspiration, and see how can use all the stuff you have left over from your explorations all over the globe.

The Map

A map or a globe is not only a great piece to decorate your home with, it is a record of all the places you have been to. It can be a conversation starter, or it can be a tool to plan where you are going to travel to next. There is always the good old, spin the globe, point to a place, and let’s go there next! There are also lots of posters that let you mark out all the places you have been to, which is a great way to showcase your achievements.

Throws and Blankets

Do you remember that time you bought an embroidered blanket for the hostel because it was so cold? Or maybe you saw an amazing throw that had the most beautiful colours when you travelled into a remote part of a country, you can use these things in your home. Check out Hypnos Beds if you need a new bed, or a moving somewhere new, and decorate it with throws and blankets. Using the things you bought on your travels is a great reminder of the times you had in that place, and you can use these kinds of things in your everyday life.

Make a Collage

Do you have countless tickets for buses, museums, shows, or trains? These little things you want to keep, but they are always stuck in draws, or get used as bookmarks. Why not make a collage out of them? This is a great way to use all these small things that would otherwise get thrown away, and with a bit of creativity, can become something visually interesting. Showcasing your travels in a creative way such as this can be a great addition to any room.

You can mix travel into your home and can be a fantastic addition to any interior design style. The places you have been can be used as inspiration for your design choices, and they can be used to decorate your home. Try some of these ideas out today, and see the difference it can make to your home.


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