How to Overhaul the Heating in Your Home to Maximise Efficiency

Underfloor heating: cosy room with modern white sofas and TV.

If you live in an older home, it may not be very energy-efficient. But with some careful planning and a little money, you can improve your home’s energy efficiency without compromising your heating. Doing so will pay for itself in the future and reduce your monthly costs. Here are some ideas worthwhile investing in to help you save money.

Change Your Heating System

A traditional, modern heating system will use hot water pumped around the house and into radiators which are usually placed on the wall. These types of systems are not as energy-efficient as you may think. Often the radiators are placed directly under windows to help reduce the draft during colder months.

Underfloor heating is a more energy-efficient system and well worth investing in. There are plenty of underfloor heating suppliers throughout the UK, and the systems they offer can also use hot water to produce heat. They are much more efficient and heat rooms much quicker than standard heating. If you are considering giving your heating system an overhaul, underfloor heating may well be the best choice for your home.

Actually, there are so many ways to have a warm house and be energy efficient in the meantime. You do not always need to place the radiators under the windows to be energy efficient and keep the warmth of the house. For example, Best Electric Radiators are super energy efficient as they can be controlled remotely with the help of its Wifi. 

Cut Out The Drafts

One way to help keep your home energy-efficient is to reduce the drafts coming in your home. Having draft excluders placed on all your doors will help to keep rooms warm and stop them from losing heat. Doing this is relatively cheap and doesn’t take much time to install. It’s essentially a no-brainer to make your home warmer during the colder months of the year.

Replacement Doors And Windows

If the doors and windows in your home are old, you may wish to consider replacing them with modern uPVC double glazing. These types of doors and windows are much more energy-efficient. You can even opt for triple glazed windows which will keep much more of the heat inside. Prices can vary drastically so be sure to shop around and speak to as many different suppliers as possible. You’ll be surprised by how much of a difference replacing doors and windows can make to your home’s energy efficiency. Not to mention how much warmer and cosier your home will feel!

Replace Your Old Boiler

According to the team from BoilerJuice US, if you haven’t replaced your boiler in 10 years or more, then doing so may also be worthwhile considering. Modern boilers are much more energy-efficient and could end up paying for themselves in just a few years. Just as with windows and doors, boiler prices can vary drastically, so you’ll want to do plenty of research before choosing a brand and model to install. There’s plenty of advice available on choosing the right brand and type of boiler for you, with a full breakdown on each one’s efficiency rating.

Maximise Your Insulation

Another important thing you should do to maximise the efficiency of your home is to ensure that your home is adequately insulated. Cavity foam insulation is an excellent way to do this, as is ensuring that you have plenty of insulation in your loft. You may even be able to get a government grant, and you can find more information on the subject by going to the UK Government’s website.

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