How To Plan A Long Distance Move

How To Plan A Long Distance Move

If you just found out that you need to move, it can be such an exciting time for you and your family. However, if you decided that the move is going to be sending you and your loved ones across the county  (or even across the world ) the thought is probably a bit intimidating.

Because of the change of your move, planning this long-distance move might not be a piece of cake because you’ll need to find various ways to transport your belongings across the United States, secure the services of a trustworthy moving company and organize your trip to your new home. It could take a lot of time and essential tasks to do so.

Plus, with extra miles can come extra challenges. If you are unsure of how to plan such a big adventure, there are a few tips to help you out below! 

Get To Know The Area

When you are moving far away from your current location, you are likely to look for several changes in that location to the next. Looking at the standard of living, economic situation, laws, climate conditions, and social practices. To help you prepare for such a big change make sure you can get a sense of what you are getting into and get to know the area before you plan on uprooting.

Research the job market and employment options in your new city, transportation, cost of food, medical care, and any other necessities your family might need. Get families with any paperwork you’ll need to fill out before you move and also look into everyday life in your new community to see how it could play into your mental health. These are all essential aspects of how to plan a long distance move.

Create A Detailed To-Do List 

Once you have all the information and you know what needs to get done before the big day, create a very detailed list of things that you need to do before it occurs. Having a detailed moving calendar can help you and allow you to set daily, weekly or monthly goals in a realistic timeframe. This can also help ease your anxiety and work on a single task first before you begin to feel overwhelmed.

Create some of the most important, urgent, or difficult tasks to get done first and keep track of your progress. If you have children who can assist you, create a list for them as well to go through items that they do not want anymore, a donation pile, or items they can sell at a garage sale or to any neighbors or friends. 

plan a log distance move

Ensure A Good Cross Country Moving Business 

Securing the services of a trustworthy moving company is essential to moving and planning a cross-country move. A self-move might be a good option when you are moving a short distance however if you are likely to plan this long-distance move, there is one company that can help you. Gameday Moving Services Houston offers one of the smoothest transitions your family has ever seen!

Not only can they do the difficult labor of moving your big bulky items from home to home but they even offer packing services for long-distance moves from Houston to anywhere in the United States. Their slogan “your moving day is our game day” brings forth their passion and enthusiasm to make the move a huge success! Just reading their outstanding reviews, you know you are in the right hands!

Decide How You Want To Travel

The question of if you want to fly or drive when moving across the country is different for everyone. It depends on your circumstances in your case ( how expensive it might be to fly 6 kids and 2 adults ) and your time frame. You’ll also want to figure out the type and amount of time you are going to be relocating, your budget, and your mental health.

While flying might be the quick, safest, and easiest it might not also be the best thing, especially being part of a pandemic. If you decide to drive, plan out trips to stop along the way, roughly 6-8 hours of driving so everyone can get out, stretch and get to know the town you are staying in.

plan a long distance move

Whatever option you choose, don’t forget to make the necessary arrangements ahead of time such as if you are shipping your car, book your hotel, having a plan B if something goes wrong on the road, and getting your vehicle services to reduce the risk of a breakdown. 

Moving is an exciting time so be sure to have open and honest communication with yourself and your family members. While it is exciting, it might be difficult for everyone to be on board with this big change. This makes knowing how to plan a long distance move even more important.

Talk to everyone about how they are feeling, share positive ideas on their new school, home and even allow them to help decorate their new room to make it feel more their own. Once the actual move process is finished, you can relax and enjoy your new home and community.


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