How To Plan An Exciting Summer Evening With Your Friends

When sunshine greets you upon waking up, and days are longer, you know it’s time to organise a wonderful summer evening party with your friends. Even if you live in a simple flat, you can use ideas from this article to come up with a unique mini-party that’ll become a source of happy memories for many months to come.

Develop an overall theme and pick a dress code

To make your summer evening truly unforgettable, you may pick up on a cultural theme and make it a cornerstone of your dinner party. Your only limit here is your imagination, but some popular ideas include dressing only in black and white, having a Bond 007-themed party, or going for the Arabian Nights atmosphere.

The best thing is that you don’t have to go all out and spend a lot of money to decorate your place. All you need is a couple of highly suggestive elements and you’re on your way. And instead of requiring your guests to dress as Sultans or Bollywood movie characters, suggest that they only wear a single element to match the overall theme (such as a hat, or shirt).

How To Plan An Exciting Summer Evening With Your Friends

Prepare mouthwatering snacks for your guests

You don’t want to overwhelm your friends with a full-blown fine dining experience. While the intention might be noble, it takes too much time to cook haute cuisine delicacies. Moreover, it can also get quite pricey, and you’ll also have to deal with a lengthy cleanup.

Instead, research ideas for snacks that would go well with the theme of the party, and prepare them beforehand. If you’re having a Spanish party, you would have trays of tapas in your fridge, just waiting to be devoured. And if you’re set on the Indian theme, there are literally dozens of yummy snacks that will take less than 30 minutes to prepare. The whole idea here is to not only pamper your guests but also make it fun for you, the host.

Pick a game that will raise the adrenaline levels in the room

This one is sure to make your evening more exciting, so if you ever had a chance to venture into an online casino, you’ll already be familiar with most of the real-money games like roulette, poker, slots, or blackjack. And while you won’t necessarily have a roulette wheel at your disposal, you can improvise and use your imagination to come up with something mighty creative.

One of the best ideas is to host a Truth or Dare poker session which allows the winner of each round to assign truths and dares to other players around the table. This is one is sure to result in sudden bursts of laughter and other uncontrollable displays of emotion.

Don’t forget about the drinks!

If you want to make your guests feel truly special, you can forget about the standard fare, and instead, treat them with something they’ve never had before. You might even come up with a DIY bar that’s packed with some staple spirits, such as a jack daniels 1 litre bottle, plus some extra ingredients that you can turn into a zesty cocktail. All you need is a blender, loads of ice, and a willingness to try new things. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some fantastic examples of drinks you can prepare for the evening.

How To Plan An Exciting Summer Evening With Your Friends

Watch your favorite movie on a large screen

Once you’ve had your fill of gaming, food, and drinks, it’s time for a late-night movie seance. It’s best if the title you pick is congruent with the main theme of the party. You can prepare a couple of options first, and let your guests vote to reach a consensus.

Screening a movie through a projector and having the moving images flashing on a blank wall is best because it has this eerie cinematic feel. But a large TV screen will do, especially if you supply your guests with a steady stream of delicious snacks and drinks throughout the whole experience. When everyone is fully blissed out, and you’ve happily reached small hours, it’s time to bid farewell to your companions and set the date for the next time you’ll have to plan a summer evening with your friends, but this time, at someone else’s place!

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