How to Prepare your Garden for a Spectacular Garden Party

How to Prepare your Garden for a Spectacular Garden Party

It’s been a long, hard winter, and I for one cannot wait for some warm sunshine. And if there’s one thing you cannot beat in summer, it’s a good garden party. The perfect excuse to get together with family, friends and neighbours to socialise and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Hosting your own garden party is also a brilliant way of being able to show off your garden and generate some compliments on the flowers you planted not too long ago. Preparing for a garden party can also be quite fun, as we’re all guilty of letting our gardens grow a little out of control over those colder months, so it’s the perfect way to get your garden back into its usual elegant state.

Have a Tidy

When you prepare your garden for a garden party, or even to use throughout the summer, it’s best to consider practicality. My advice is to focus on the overgrown sections, making sure you uproot any unwanted weeds or plants that have grown slightly out of control. Neatening up your flowered areas is a perfect way of instantly making your garden look and feel fresher.

Mowing the lawn is also really important, as long grass can attract slugs (which you don’t want!), especially if you have little ones running barefoot on your lawn!  You may want to consider planting some more colourful, elegant flowers to brighten up your garden and add a burst of character, and this will make your garden look full of life and energy and create a beautiful, inviting atmosphere.

If you have decking or a patio area, giving this a little extra TLC will really help your garden look fresh and welcoming. Decking can become slightly dull and dirty over winter, and simply washing it down with some water and a brush is a really good way of adding life back to it. Make sure to wash the decking at least 48 hours in advance, as it can stay wet for a while after washing, and you don’t want anybody slipping.

Start Party Planning

Once your garden looks and feels revived, you can start to think about the party itself. Consider themes and colours. Incorporating a colour into the details that are already featured through a flower in your garden is a great way of drawing the whole area together. For example, if you have Fuchsia Hydrangea, you may consider using fuchsia napkins, placemats or cushions on your seating. This will add to the personal style of your garden and can be used again and again throughout summer.

How to Prepare your Garden for a Spectacular Garden Party

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Dress your table accordingly, with napkins and other features that will be needed on the day. A centrepiece such as an elegant bunch of flowers, or even an array of candles, will stand out and look exquisite. When it comes to the lighting, you can really add a sense of magic and enchantment. Hanging lanterns from your trees or bushes will add a beautiful, magical look to your whole garden, as well as dotting larger lighting around the area to ensure it’s still nicely lit when the sun goes down. Using a yellow toned bulb will help create that inviting, relaxing atmosphere and work really well in your garden.

The best part about planning a garden party is deciding on the food. As you’re throwing a garden party, it’s always good to stick to a healthier, fresh theme. Why not visit your local greengrocer or garden centre, where often you can pick up some juicy fruit grown freshly in fruit cages, perfect for a fresh fruit salad, or even pick up some tasty veg to make a nice salad for your guests.

It’s really easy to incorporate a healthy approach to your food, and it’s always a good idea to serve light, tasty options throughout the summer months!