How To Prevent UTI’s After Having Sex

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Sex is the leading cause of urinary tract infections, which poses a quandary for a lot of women. Fortunately, you don’t need to give up doing the deed for the sake of your vaginal health. There are ways to prevent UTI’s after having sex that do not involve antibiotics or other prescription medications, but if they become severe visit for more information. Without further ado, learn how to prevent UTI’s after sex with resources you likely already have at your disposal.

Pee Before Sex

You may know that peeing after sex is a great way to flush out harmful bacteria and prevent a UTI, but did you know that you should also pee before? Most women don’t. Because your vaginal, anal and urethral openings are all close neighbors, there’s a good chance that any bad bacteria hanging out near the anus region will be pushed up your vaginal tract during sex. By peeing beforehand, you can clear the area of infection-causing microbes.

Drink Plenty of Water

You still want to pee after sex, too, to rid your body of bacteria that may have entered during the act. To ensure you have a stream strong enough to fully cleanse your urinary tract, drink plenty of water before doing the deed. For an even more effective urine stream, invest in natural uti prevention.

Clean Up

You don’t have to go so far as to clean the sheets post coitus, but you should have vaginal wipes handy that you can use to wipe up after sex. In fact, do yourself one better and hop in the shower once you’re finished. Use warm water to cleanse your vagina and vulva, and a mild soap to wash your butt. However, do not use soap on your vagina, otherwise you risk irritating it and encouraging bacterial vaginosis.

Having the right products on hand immediately after sex can go a long way toward preventing UTI’s. Shop for UTI prevention products that actually work today.


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