How to Protect Your Roof From Winter Weather

When it comes to dealing with winter weather, whether you love to be out in the snow or would rather be cuddling inside on the couch, you have no choice but to protect your home and your roof. While snow can look beautiful and dainty, it may build up and cause roof collapse if left unchecked. Knowing how to protect your roof is a must. There are a few things that you can do for your roof this winter as it works hard to keep you warm.

How to protect your roof – Start from the bottom!

As you begin to inspect your roof, start from the ground up. It is essential to make sure that your roof isn’t showing any extensive signs of wear and tear, ageing, or damage. Telltale signs of extensive damage to your roof may include sagging near ridges, lifted or sagging shingles. Indeed, anything that looks like it shouldn’t be there.

And remember, always hire a trustworthy roofing contractor. Never climb on your roof and attempt to checked it or repair anything yourself. Roofing is a highly specialised industry in which experts received years of training and experience. 

Speaking of using a trustworthy roofing contractor, have your roof professionally inspected even after you’ve inspected it yourself. Especially if you’ve noticed anything damaged or out of place. Let a professional know right away and schedule the necessary repairs.

If you aren’t sure what is going on with your roof, a roofing expert’s opinion can help you get things fixed before any significant snowfall occurs and causes significant damage to your roof’s health.

Something you can do without the help of a professional roofer or between appointments is to check your gutters and downspouts. Make sure that your gutters and downspouts are firmly attached to the side of your home. Also check that they are not filled with leaves, or weighed down with snow or debris, as this can cause a lot of long-term damage. If you’re not confident about doing the job yourself, you can always enlist help from companies like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Portland – even if you’re just after advice, their website might be able help. 

Your roof cannot properly dispose of melting snow and ice if the downspouts and gutters are not clear. When left unattended, they may become detached. From inside out, check to see that your attic is adequately insulated. When adequately insulated, you can help your roof get rid of melting snow as the weather warms up.

Be Prepared!

When the snow is forecast, there are a few things that you can do before it begins to fall. If there is only some light and fluffy snow, there is not much cause for alarm. However, if you expect heavy, wet snow, or snow mixed with ice and sleet, consider how much snow may fall on your roof.

Always keep a snow rake handy. But never attempt to free your entire roof of snow. Your first concern should be to remove the looser snow toward the bottom edge of the roof. This snow can naturally melt away as the weather gets warmer. Remember never to use a snow rake while on a ladder. This is much too dangerous!

When it comes to knowing how to protect your roof from winter weather, you must keep it clean and undamaged. Remember to have the right tools handy. However, never be afraid to call a roofing specialist if you are concerned about the amount of snow or damage from winter weather on your roof. It can be very dangerous to get on a roof on your own, for any reason. Especially when it is slippery with snow and ice!


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