How to Sell Apple Products and What to Do Before Selling Them

You may be upgrading to a new iPhone every time Apple has launched a new line-up of smartphones. There’s the bigger iPad mini, iPhone 13, AirTag, AirPower, and Apple TV that will be coming out in the next few months, and you must stay up-to-date with the latest gadgets out there.

The good thing is that if you ever decide to sell your old gadgets and appliances, there are shops that can buy them in cash outright. You may be wondering how to sell Apple products without any hassle, which can be done when you contact the right people. They will check first the overall condition of the phone, take note of the issues, and they will offer you something that is higher than other competitors out there.

Some see the advantage of this deal as they can get rid of their older phones that no one wants. Another is that they can get the cash that they can add to the new phones’ price. So they will be able to pay for the latest version outright. If you are going down this route, here are some of the things that you can do before you sell Apple products.

Things to Do to your Phone Before Selling

1. Do a Back-Up

The first thing to do is back-up everything, including your photos, music, and health activities. You can use your iCloud account for a more secure back-up. Others choose the iCloud Back-Up Option that’s automatic. 

This way, iCloud will store the relevant data when the device is turned on, connected to the internet, and locked. When you get the latest gadget, you can always download and populate it with the settings and apps that you previously enjoyed on your older phone. Find out more about iPhone back-up on this site:   

2. Unfind your Device

Apple has an application that lets you find your device as long as it’s connected to the internet. This will be handy in times of theft or days when you can’t remember where you placed your iPhone. However, an activated Find My iPhone may block the new owner from registering, which is not a happy situation for buyers.

Ensure that you deactivate this specific setting before selling your device to someone else. Although there’s a chance that the Find my iPhone feature may automatically turn off when you erase the settings and content, it’s still a great idea to turn it off. You can enter your Apple ID under the Settings > Name> Find My > Find my iPhone to check this feature out.

3. Sign out from the iMessage App

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There’s the time when everyone who has sold their iPhones or traded them from Androids without logging out of the iMessage application has quit receiving the messages from their iOS user friends. However, note that any messages sent from the old iMessage to another can be acquired by the older mobile and not the new one.

The iMessage is considered to be in limbo because it can’t be accessed, and you won’t be able to read the content. This problem has been fixed, which only affects the users who have switched from iOS to Android. All the same, it’s still a good idea if you can deactivate the whole thing just in case. The “Settings” is the place where you can toggle the iMessage off. 

4. Sign Out of your iCloud Account and Delete Everything

You may want to sign out from everything logged in into your phone, including your iCloud, iTunes, Messenger, App Store, and a lot more, before selling. Turn off the account from the settings and enter your Apple ID password. Find out more about iCloud in this link here.  

Not letting the new owner snoop on your personal information is a good idea as well. You can erase everything through the settings. Next, go to the “General” option and choose “Reset.” It’s a good idea to erase everything after ensuring that a back-up is in place. Approve the prompts that you see on screen. Your messages, call logs and search history can all be deleted in no time. 

Also, remove the sim cards and other associated accessories from your iPhone connection. The AirPods, watch, and more should all be removed if you plan to keep them. The right company that is willing to buy your device can also tell you what you need to do before you sell Apple products.


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