How to Set Up a Greenhouse

If you’re planning on enhancing your gardening skills and taking things to the next level with a greenhouse, then you want to ensure you’re doing it all properly. Greenhouses allow you to grow almost anything you desire, which opens you up to a whole world of exciting gardening projects. If you don’t set your greenhouse up properly, however, you can find that this could have a negative effect on your results which would conclude in lots of wasted time and effort. 

Why Choose a Greenhouse?

There are so many wonderful benefits to having a greenhouse, not just from the ability to grow almost anything, but they are also great for sharpening your own skills too. One of the main benefits to greenhouses is being able to control temperatures. It doesn’t matter what the season may be, if you have a high-quality greenhouse and the right equipment to cool down or warm up the area, then you’ll see great results.

With industry leaders such as Two Wests providing a huge selection of greenhouse equipment, you can find everything you need from the click of a button, which makes it much easier to create the perfect environment for your growing needs. 

The Right Type

With so many different types of greenhouse to choose from, it’s hard to know which one is going to be the best for you. The most popular greenhouse is the freestanding style, which you can find in a range of shapes and sizes. This particular style of greenhouse is more popular as it’s much easier for use in both gardens and allotments, giving you much more space to work with.

If a freestanding greenhouse isn’t quite the style for you, there are alternative styles such as cold frames, mini greenhouses and grow houses. It’s important to really determine which type of greenhouse is going to be the best for your personal requirements, as what works for one gardener may not work quite as well for the other. 

The Perfect Setup

Having the right greenhouse setup is going to determine just how successful your projects are, so it’s essential that you take every little element into consideration. The two main things to consider are heat and glazing. For growing annually, you need to have a high-quality heater to keep your greenhouse at the optimum temperature for your projects. Similarly, if you have poor glazing, you’ll struggle to maintain the right temperature and in turn this could damage or kill your plants. Once you’ve got the right balance of heating and air flow, with glazing you can rely on, you are ready to get to work and start your new gardening projects. 

Essential Accessories

When you set your greenhouse up for the very first time, there are a handful of essential accessories you’re going to need to ensure the setup is complete. The main goal is to be able to get straight into your greenhouse and get to work, so you want to ensure its fully equipped and ready to fulfill your gardening needs. The top accessories every greenhouse should have in the initial stages are a reliable potting bench, hand watering wands, irrigation systems and of course, shade cloths. These essentials will simply help to kick start your projects and provide you with the perfect greenhouse setup.

Have you ever set up a greenhouse? Please let me know how it went!


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