How To Stop Incontinence From Impacting Your Social Life

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For people dealing with incontinence, it’s easy to want to stay at home. After all, they worry about an accident occurring while they are out which will lead them to face an embarrassing situation. They worry about having to rush to find a toilet when they can’t hold in their urine for very long. These are concerns of the 200 million people dealing with urinary incontinence.

Urinary incontinence is where a person’s bladder doesn’t function correctly. They might have stress incontinence which is where they find a movement such as coughing can cause urine to leak. Or they could be dealing with an overactive bladder where they have to urinate often.

It can occur due to a number of reasons. It happens down to illness, medications or even lifestyle habits and it can happen at any age. Whichever incontinence a person has to deal with, it can affect their social life. They become quite shy and don’t feel confident to socialize. But it doesn’t have to cause you to not live your life as normal as possible. Here is how to avoid incontinence from impacting your social life.

Use Products When You Go Out

A lot of people worry about passing urine when they are out in front of friends and family. They will not get home to change easily which can stop their social life. After all, they don’t want an embarrassing situation when they are out. Therefore, you should consider using an incontinence product which will then allow you to leak without worry. You can get incontinence pads from companies like HARTMANN Direct which you can wear when you are out and then dispose of after use.

You can also get incontinence plastic pants which you can slip on when going out for the day. Using these products will mean you can still go out with your friends without worrying about an accident occurring in public. And the products are all very discreet, so you won’t have to worry about people knowing you are wearing them. Therefore, you can still enjoy your day without having to worry about your incontinence issues.

Go to Familiar Areas With Toilet Facilities

You don’t have to put yourself under stress when it comes to socializing while experience incontinence. You want to have a good time when seeing friends and family. You don’t want to worry about whether you will be able to go to the toilet. Therefore, to make sure incontinence doesn’t impact your social life it is a good idea to go to places which you feel comfortable at. It’s best to not go to places where it is not familiar.

After all, you will just worry about where the toilet is and whether the worst will happen. Therefore, tell friends and family where you would like to go and choose somewhere that is good toilet facilities. That way, you can go to the toilet when you need to without having to hunt it down and you will enjoy yourself more.

Always wear loose clothing so that it’s not as stressful if you do need to change. Remember to talk to your friends honestly about your condition. They will be a lot more understanding if you explain what you are dealing with and will accommodate your needs.

Do Talk to Your Doctor

A lot of people avoid going to their doctor when they are dealing with toilet issues. They worry about talking to them about the embarrassing subject or worry their doctor won’t do anything about it. But to make sure it doesn’t affect your social life, it’s worth getting some help and advice from your GP. They might be able to put you on some medication. There is medication out there which helps the bladder muscles and you will notice you can hold in more urine before having to rush to the toilet.

They will also recommend any lifestyle changes you can make to help make sure you still get to go out. For instance, exercising and eating a healthy diet can make the world of difference to your incontinence. As Bladder and Bowl Community reveals, they may tell behavioural therapies like bladder training and pelvic floor exercises which can help get your life back to normal. There are also surgical procedures that your doctor can discuss with you. These really depend on the circumstances but can help you to get your life back to normal again.


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