3 Simple tips: How to Store Wine Properly at Home

Whether you store your wine in your basement, kitchen, or somewhere in your living room, learning how to store wine properly your wine will ensure that they remain fresh and tasty. For those who often make poor decisions when it comes to storing your precious wine, this article is designed to give you an insight into the best ways to store wine to preserve its quality, taste, and freshness. Stay tuned as we slowly roll out some beneficial wine storage tips.

Tip 1: Temperature is important

When you buy a few bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon, you may be tempted to stash it somewhere in the kitchen, maybe in one of those cupboards. Or, you may be tempted to slide it inside your drawer for safekeeping. While these moves may seem logical to you, they aren’t as fine as wine storage is concerned.

The perfect temperature for you to store wine properly at is between 45° and 65°, which makes your kitchen or any compartment in your room unsafe for it. If you store your wine in an area with a temperature of 70°, you might end up hating the taste afterward.

Storing your wine in your refrigerator is another bad idea. Why? The normal refrigerator temperature is 40° F, thus making it a bad idea for your wine. Such a low temperature could dry out the cork allowing oxygen inside the bottle. Rather than store your wine in a refrigerator, your kitchen, or somewhere in your room, consider storing it in a wine fridge.

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How to Store Wine Properly at Home

Tip 2: Go for a dark area

Shun the idea of storing your wine in your bedroom, especially if it receives a lot of sun rays. UV rays aren’t only detrimental to your skin. They are as well harmful to your precious wine. Any room that receives lots of sun rays is a no-go area for your wine. But it isn’t just sunlight. Artificial light also affects your wine.

This is why wine is mainly stored in wine cellars. And even though you may not have a dedicated wine cellar in your home, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find a dark cupboard or pantry that can keep the wine guarded from the sun. 

Tip 3: Avoid strong odors that can taint the wine

If you really want to enjoy your wine, even after storing it for several weeks or months, you need to store wine properly consider storing it in the right place. For those of us with a monthly wine subscription, when you get a cache of wine bottles, where do you store them? If you store your wine in a wine refrigerator, you have nothing to worry about. But if you store your wine beside strong odors like your cologne, in the kitchen, beside your trash, the odor may end up penetrating the cork and tainting the wine. Which is certainly something that we don’t want to experience. 

Ensure that a corked wine is stored away from food items with strong scents, including garlic, ginger, etc. Rather than store your wine carelessly, consider storing them in a selected dark spot, far away from cleaning products or anything with a strong odor. A wine refrigerator, and not your typical refrigerator, remains the ideal place to store your wine.


Remember that your wine isn’t like a bottle of coke or Fanta that can be stored somewhere in your kitchen or your typical 40° F (a cool 4 Celcius in case you were wondering) refrigerator. Wine stored in the wrong place will surely degrade. And what use is a wine that has an inferior taste? If you take the right precautions in caring for your wine you will be able to enjoy it at its optimal stage. 

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