How to style for your couple’s getaway abroad

Summer’s fast approaching and you want to spend as much time as possible with your significant other. Staying at home doesn’t quite cut it, you’ve been there, done that and bough the t-shirt. Why not book a flight for a holiday abroad and go and take in some all-important culture? Go and indulge in a new city, and in each other’s company with a couple’s getaway abroad.

Once the holiday is booked you’ll next check the weather and plan your outfits. What should you pack for your couple’s holiday abroad? It’s simple! Check out this easy guide on how to style for your couple’s holiday abroad in some of Europe’s top cities!

How to style for your couple’s getaway abroad in:

Riga, Latvia

Riga, Latvia

Sandy beaches, more than 12,000 rivers, and the one of the fastest internet browsing speeds in the world — Riga has it all.

If you’re going to head to the Latvian capital in the summer time you can expect sunshine and a comfortable temperature — but if you’re venturing out at night time, it certainly isn’t California, so we’d strongly advise taking a jacket.

Packing for him:

Fashion for the men in the city is fairly simplistic. Don’t try and over-style it just keep things casual. We suggest a pair of skinny jeans, a neutral coloured t-shit, bomber jacket and boots.

As we’ve mentioned, the evenings can get chilly, so we would suggest a pair of gloves and a scarf, but don’t sacrifice style when purchasing these.

Packing for her:

Eating out during the day is idyllic in the city, but just like him, you don’t have to over-excite things. In order to remain fashionable, a funky top, topped off with a pair of dark loose mom jeans, and a denim jacket. Bright shoes can be simple but enough to make you stand out here.

When it comes to dinner, the evening meals in Riga offer you the real opportunity to dine in class. Therefore, this is your time to shine — maxi dresses are the perfect way to pack a punch and look a million dollars in the evening. Top it off with a faux fur coat and heels.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria couple's getaway abroad

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Someone would suggest this is the most romantic location on our list — as the secluded city offers both historic culture but everything you need from modern indulgence.

We suggest looking into the activities you want to participate in before you head there. Will you be heading to the world’ most intact ancient theatre or taking a trip to an aviation museum? The choice is yours.

Packing for him:

You might get caught in the rain, so make sure you take a waterproof jacket with and some sturdy boots for your adventures.

A crisp white shirt looks great when going out for the evening and pair with some denim jeans. We recommend opting for some trainers in this city — you’ll nail the smart-casual look.

Packing for her:

When on an adventure you want to look ten out of ten, which girl doesn’t? Pack a cute tee and pair with loose fitting jeans and flat trainers. Take a backpack to keep your belongings in and a jacket for when you get cold walking back to your hotel.

In the evening, a jumper dress and you’ll look phenomenal. Remember to opt for a wedged boot too!

Krakow, Poland couple's getaway abroad

Krakow, Poland

Krakow is probably on the list already. One of the cheaper cities to fly to makes it the perfect getaway whilst still allowing you to stick to a budget!

This destination has so much to offer. From partying in the main square to visiting castles and cathedrals, make sure you have enough time to explore everything.

Packing for him:

Sticking with the theme of romantic walks, this city is the place to do it. Stay casual for daytime adventures with a striped tee, leather jacket and some denim jeans. You can pull this outfit together with brogues or trainers — it’s entirely up to you!

Wining and dining on an evening? Sport a blazer on top of a roll-neck jumper, chinos and brogues!

Packing for her:

Wearing an oversized shirt while strolling the streets of Krakow is a must and if you don’t have one, steal your baes! Pair these with some flat trainers or knee-high boots that are suitable for walking around the city with your other half.

For date night in the city, sport a chic dress and matching jacket — and of course, heels!

Reykjavik, Iceland couple's getaway abroad

Reykjavik, Iceland

The Icelandic capital is regarded globally as one of the world’s cleanest cities.

You won’t be stuck for romantic sights, with the city boasting a beautiful night sky. As well as this, you might enjoy taking a relaxing spa day to another level by visiting the Blue Lagoon. There’s no denying that the climate in the Nordic country is extremely different to our own, so what should you wear?

Packing for him:

With the average temperature during the day in the summer months being 55 degrees Fahrenheit, we would suggest taking a thick coat. Rock bright hues that will make you stand out against the snowy backdrop when venturing outside — such as the Golden Circle tour. Hiking boots are also essential on this trip, especially if you’re moving outside of the city centre.

Presumably you will be heading out in the evenings, so remember if you want to maintain a classy look, have a peruse at underlayers which can be disguised under a nice shirt and jeans.

Packing for her:

Don’t let him pack a coat and you forget to take one. Again, you want to opt for something bright that will make you the star of the show when in Reykjavik. Thermals and hiking boots are a must for external trips.

As night begins to fall, we don’t expect you to keep the thick coat and boots on — this is your opportunity to pull out the faux fur coat and heels!

Whatever location you choose, whether it’s from this list or not, you can definitely use these tips for your couple’s getaway abroad!

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