How To Style Your Favourite Pair Of Glasses

Whether they are eyeglasses that help your vision or they are just an accessory you like to wear, there are many ways you can style your favourite pair that are sure to spice up your everyday outfits. However if glasses aren’t for you try contact lenses in the UK.

Before you can even think about styling your stunner shades, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Check out how to style glasses and make sure you look the part.

Make sure your frames imitate or highlight your browline. For example, if you have an oval shaped face you should opt for bold features in your eyewear but that will also compliment your facial features. On the other hand if you have a round face, your best bet is to find eyewear that has striking angles that will contrast beautifully with the shape of your face.

Likewise if you have a square shaped face, you will want to go with frames that are more oval-shaped as the contrast makes your facial features appear softer. If you have a heart-shaped face, go for eyewear with wider frames.

Ultimately the key is using the frames to balance out your facial features, making sure the features you love are highlighted. There are a few sunglass trends like aviators, oversized granny glasses in warm tones, tortoiseshell and square shapes, translucent coloured lenses and rimless frames reminiscent to the early 2000’s, The Matrix-inspired shades, frames with chains attached, frames with wide sides and anti-blue light glasses that may be tempting to try.

There is nothing wrong with following trends, but what really makes your accessory pop is your unique spin to those trends. If you are looking for ways to personalize your trendy eyewear or if you are just looking for some inspiration, here are some tips on styling your favorite pair.

Pair With Earrings

Wearing earrings with your eyewear is essential because it gives you a more polished look. Be sure to stick with daintier earrings as long-hanging and statement earrings can sometimes come off as too distracting. Remember, your eyewear is purposeful. You want people to know that you took time and effort to craft together the perfect outfit down to the accessories, not that you slept through your alarm clock and you grabbed a pair of glasses because you did not have time to put your contacts in. You can do solid colour studs, sparkly studs or a small diamond earring.

Your Jewelry Metal Is Important

The trend for a couple years has been to mismatch jewelry metals, but you want to avoid this when it comes to pairing jewelry with your eyeglasses. It is best to be cognizant of color coordination and take it into consideration when coordinating your jewelry with your frames. If you have black frames, you can pretty much play around with whatever jewelry metal your heart desires whether it is gold, silver, stone or rose gold.

The same cannot be said for other coloured frames. If you have brown or tortoise frames, it is recommended that you stick with gold jewellery. Brown and gold go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly! The same can be said about silver, clear or cool-toned eyewear. For these coloured frames, you will want to opt for silver or stone jewellery. Of course these rules are not law, but they are only suggestions if you are looking for a way to up the ante on your accessories and the way you style them.

The same rules apply if you decide to wear a necklace. Maybe you are more of a necklace person and would prefer if you wore a statement necklace instead of earrings. You would still need to ensure everything flows together and compliments one another.

Stay Polished

One way to keep your outfit accessorized with eyewear polished is by ensuring that at least one element of your garb is on the dressier side. Throw on a blazer or a pair of chic heels. This eliminates that college girl look, unless that is the look you were going for in which case feel free to put on your favorite athleisure wear and throw that hair into a messy bun.

How To Style Your Favourite Pair Of Glasses

Remember That Less Is More

You do not want to pile on too many accessories, especially if you are opting for eyewear as it can look too busy. Avoid other accessories like big-brimmed hats, floppy hats or flamboyant hair accessories. Instead you want to go for small brimmed hats that sit away from your face and minimal hair accessories like an elegant barrette.

Avoid Heavy Eye Makeup

Heavy eye makeup and eyewear do not go hand in hand. They can be very distracting and do not compliment each other. Your perfect, multi-color cut crease lids cannot be fully appreciated because your eyeglasses are in the way. At the same time, your super chic glasses will hardly be noticeable because of your amazing eye makeup.

No one will know what to focus on. Steer clear of black winged eyeliner as it can be too harsh, especially magnified by your glasses. Instead go for navy liner, as the deep blue can help define your eyes while also brightening the white of your eyes, and light eye shadow. Keep in mind that the smaller your frames are, the lighter your eye makeup should be.

Use Your Concealer Thoughtfully

When it comes to applying face makeup, you want to make sure that you use your concealer in thoughtful places. Make sure that you focus on areas in closest proximity to your frames like under your eyes, cheeks and by the nose. Also, if you usually use a cream concealer you should consider switching to a liquid formula instead, as creams have a higher tendency to crease and drift to the nose pads of your glasses.

How To Style Your Favourite Pair Of Glasses

Prepare Your Face And Frames

While we are on the topic of makeup, be sure to prep your face for all day wear. Everyone knows glasses can sometimes leave marks or indentations on your nose and cheeks, and they can really put a damper on your makeup especially when you take off the eyewear. Glasses can also slip down the bridge of your nose, making it super annoying when wearing makeup.

One way to prep your face is to powder the bridge of your nose to stop your glasses from sliding down your face. If you have oily skin or if the skin on your face sweats a lot, you can try putting an oil-absorbing foundation on the spots where the nose pads will sit.

Focus On Your Eyelash Roots When Applying Mascara

Pro tip, put on your first coat of mascara as normal. For your second coat you want to jiggle the mascara wand at the base of your lashes and pull out. It is important to pull out and not through your lashes. The goal is to focus on your eyelash roots therefore framing your eyes. This also prevents your lashes from poking the inside of your frames.

You Cannot Go Wrong With A Bold Lip

A bold lip can help balance out a heavy frame and it also keeps your accessory from looking like you put zero effort into it. You can do colors like red, pink, coral, magenta or any bright color that fits your fancy. Make sure you apply it liberally. If you are not a lipstick woman, you could go for a nude gloss instead.

Emphasize Your Brows

Remember that your brows frame your glasses as they typically sit right above your glasses, so it is important that you emphasize them. Give your brows some tender love and care by brushing them up and trimming away any extra length. Get rid of tail hairs that curve downward as well as tweezing stubble or random hairs that can be seen in the lenses. You want to make sure that the eyebrows do not drop your eyes down by the way that they frame your face.

After you have cleaned up those brows, fill them in. Use a combo pencil and brow powder to fill spaces, add missing tails and extend your brows out. If you just got them newly waxed, tweezed, threaded or microbladed, this step will be super easy for you. All that is needed is a quick brush through with a brow gel wand. This helps control and set those wiry hairs, ensuring that they do not go anywhere they are not supposed to.

Your Eyeglasses Should Match Your Wardrobe Style

You must always keep your personal style in mind when you are both shopping for eyewear and accessorizing them. Be true to yourself! If your style is more modern, your eyewear should reflect that. The same thing goes if you typically rock a more traditional style. You want to make sure your eyewear will fit any outfit or style.

Likewise, if you dress one way for work and another way on your days off, maybe you should consider having more than one pair that you can easily interchange depending on your outfits for the day. We hope this post on how to style glasses gives you some great advice and tips to make your own!

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