How to Style Last Year’s Clothes This AW Season

We are now in full swing when it comes to the AW18 season. The season is well underway but even though we know this happens annually the reality is that each season the style completely changes. So, what’s in style this season? How can we restyle our AW17 items to be on trend this year? Today’s post will be a guide on how to style last year’s clothes as though they were this year’s. Not only for yourself but also for your other half!

style last year's clothes - man with beard fitting black tie.

Styling Menswear


One of the biggest trends of AW17 outerwear was shearling — the style of suede and wool combined in one garment. Shearling is back this year as you could see from Giorgio Armani’s collection that mixed up the textures further with a shearling, suede and leather jacket that looks smart yet cosy for the colder months.


Leather is a staple item season after season. This year though, it’s all about oversized leather coats that can be paired with slim-leg jeans and winter boots. Fendi, Balenciaga and Paul Smith were all rocking the look during their AW18 shows this season.

Brown is the Colour

Black is a staple colour every AW season but this year autumnal brown is the colour that’s in. This versatile colour is probably hiding somewhere in your wardrobe. From brown men’s suits to oversized ponchos and shiny leather jackets, the brown colour palette is so versatile. Keep it simple with brown accessories such as hats, scarves and shoes to get in with the trend.


Layering is a versatile way to mix and match items that you normally wouldn’t wear together. Bringing together different garments, materials, and patterns can keep your style looking effortlessly chic. Other ways to layer include pairing an open checked shirt (a print that was everywhere in AW17) with a graphic t-shirt and black skinny jeans.

style last year's clothes: leopard print skirt.

Styling Womenswear

Similar to the menswear trends, layering is on-trend this AW18 too, with designers such as Balenciaga showing their support of the fashion technique at their shows. If you’re bold enough, the best way to layer is with contrasting colour and textures. 

Animal Prints

Animal print was a big part of this season’s shows. Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham has made her love for leopard print known, whilst other designers such as Isabel Marant were all about snake patterns. Animal prints can be mixed and matched in many ways and can help you always look put together. Leopard print, a firm favourite, has rarely been out of the spotlight in recent years so we are spoilt for choice. From cami dresses to boots, to clutches, there is always an option available. 

Glitz and Glam

Most of us keep our glitz and glam items only for those Christmas and New Year parties but this AW we are encouraged to bring them out. Paco Rabanne showed off their models in oversized silver sequins which were very popular on the runway. Don’t wait until late December to bring your glitter dresses out of the wardrobe, embrace them in October and November too!


Oversized and chunky knits are back for the colder seasons too. Miu Miu showed off an outfit that was made up of a green floral midi dress and fluffy grey knit — no need to pack away your summer clothes just yet!

If you follow any of these tips you can take your wardrobe from AW17 to AW18 and style last year’s clothes as though they were brand new!

Yaya Duran

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