How to Style Your Hair as a Wedding Guest

How to Style Your Hair as a Wedding Guest

Wedding season is almost upon us and when you’re getting ready to be a wedding guest you want your hair and makeup to be spot on. Assuming that the wedding you are heading to doesn’t have a particularly quirky theme in mind, and comes with the normal levels of formality and expected elegance, this guide suggests some of the most stylish yet relatively simple options that work and turn heads every time.

Hollywood Curls

Think femme fatale, red carpet chic. Larger than life Hollywood Curls always look glamorous and chic. They can be easily created by using a clipless curling iron. Simply curl and go and you have achieved effortless glamour.

Alternatively, you can add a little extra pizzazz by sweeping the curls to one side for off the shoulder, defined curls. Fix the hair in place with a bobby pin or two and then accessorize with either a sparkly accessory or use the off the shoulder styling to draw attention to fancy earrings.

Reverse French Braid

Reverse French braids sound complex, however with a little practice then you can become an expert in no time! On that note practice definitely makes perfect so it’s recommended that you have a trial run of the braiding before the wedding day to make sure you are comfortable with doing it and you like how it looks. Wouldn’t it be dreadful to struggle with it on the day, launch your hair tools out the window in a mad safe and show up as a wedding guest with hair like Medusa?

To create a reverse French braid, backcomb a small section of your hair at the very top in order to create volume. From there, reverse French braid down from the centre parting of your hair, all the way down to the ends. With the leftover section of hair, you can either tuck it underneath the braids and fix it in place, or you can let it hang off your shoulders.

Wavy Half Updo or A Messy Bun

If the wedding that you are attending is a more casual or semi-formal affair then the wavy half up-do could be a perfect hairstyle choice. Simply curl your hair, and then fix half of it up in a ponytail for a lovely wedding guest look.

A messy bun may not sound like a suitable option for a wedding but hear me out. By “messy” I don’t mean the kind of disaster bun that you scrunch your hair up into in a hurry when you’re working out at the gym and you don’t want to have your hair in your face.  If done right, a messy bun exudes sophistication and is a great way to highlight the different tones of your hair. Simply twist or braid the two sides of your hair, and then join them together in the middle and secure into a low bun.

Buns are a good choice for weddings in general since they have a more formal air about them. If you’re not sold on the messy bun, then consider an updo with loose curls. For this, you simply need to fix your hair upwards in a bun and then have two small sections hanging down at either side which you will style into loose curls.

The Classic Ponytails

There are two main elegant ways in which you can style your hair into a pony as a wedding guest. The first of which is simply securing your hair to one side in a side pony. For this, you can add something a little extra to the look by using an elaborate hair tie. Alternatively, a high ponytail looks incredibly glam on a wedding guest.

For the high pony, try and fix your hair up as high as you can go. The top section of your hair should be flat and pulled back tightly to the hair band. You could also customize this look by backcombing a very small section of hair at the front, and then secure it into a small bouffant.

Tight Updo and Accessories in Your Hair

Depending on the level of formality of the wedding, ladies may be required to wear hats. In this case, you cannot go wrong with a tight updo. Securing your hair in a tight, sleek bun that is positioned relatively low down at the back of your head allows room for the hat without messing up the bun or getting the dreaded hat hair! It also looks classy when you are inside sans hat.

Choose Your Best Look

Trying to choose the best hairstyle for a wedding has so many variables and what can be considered as appropriate depends on the wedding venue and location (loose waves with an accessory will look stunning for a casual all-inclusive resort wedding – but may be somewhat inappropriate for a black tie affair at a country club).

It is also dependent on the wedding theme – a Great Gatsby style 1920’s soiree will require altogether different style choices than a Game of Thrones themed wedding! However, you decide to wear your hair – wear in confidently and you’ll be sure to turn some heads.


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