How to wear crop tops plus size girls can feel good in

There are so many fashion rules that have lately gone out the window. You can thank social media for that and for the effect that body positivity has had on curvy girls by giving us the confidence to wear what we please. Women are now more and more comfortable to wear what they like, even what had been seen as a divisive fashion item in the past, like crop tops. If you want to wear clothes that are out of your comfort zone then this post is for you. In this post we will show you how to wear crop tops plus size girls can look and feel good in! 

What has been seen as an intimidating piece of clothing to wear in the past can now be part of your casual look. Or you can dress it up to suit different occassions. By wearing crop tops in a way that you feel most comfortable you can feel comfortable enough to throw out that misconception that you have to have a flat tummy to wear this versatile top. 

High-waisted skirt

Wearing a crop top with a high-waisted skirt is the ideal way to get yourself feeling more comfortable wearing crop tops. This is an option that works for all types of seasons and styles. During summer you can choose a cropped white tee with a flowy maxi skirt or midi skirt. Having a high-waisted skirt as part of the outfit will give you enough coverage to risk wearing a shirt with different kinds of crops. Shops like will have a huge variety of all sorts of y2k baby tees that you will enjoy pairing with your high-waisted skirt outfits. 

The secret really is to also make sure that you choose the right size skirts. The tighter the skirts the more belly fat will be pronounced and the more uncomfortable that you will feel. The right plus-size crop top will also help in making sure that you feel comfortable. Aim for a size that fits comfortably around the waist, this is also the same for high-waisted pants, or any high-waisted bottoms really. 

How to wear crop tops plus size girls can feel good in

Hide the belly button

When you see straight sized women wearing crop tops you almost always get flashed the belly button. Of course, if you have a flat tummy then you don’t need to feel uncomfortable about your belly button peeking. But if it’s your first time wearing crop tops you may feel that there is a right and wrong way to wear them. While there is no wrong way to wear a crop top, the right crop top will help you feel comfortable. If you prefer to show a little bit of belly and hide the belly button, that’s a perfectly good way to start feeling more and more comfortable wearing crop tops for your body type. Check out y2k fashion online to find anything from plain crop tops that will work for you. 

Dare to wear a “formal” crop top

Crop tops seem to be styled in casual ways. With flowy skirts as we mentioned above, but have you thought of wearing crop top plus size prom dresses? These styles are so popular now and are quite favorable for all girls. They stick to the high-waisted skirt look and you can still bare a little bit of belly all whilst still feeling comfortable. These long skirts tend to look gorgeous paired with a peplum crop top. 

Wear the late 90’s early 2000’s look

If you aren’t 100% sure if the plus size top in a cropped style look will suit you give it a try by wearing a y2k look with y2k baby tees. If you choose a look that was popular in the 00’s you will surely be a hit as the styles from those times area heavily influenced in the crop top looks. 

Choose plus size tank tops or a shoulder crop top that has a cute design to help divert attention from the belly area. This is a good way to get started in feeling more comfortable. Shoulder tops that have embroidery or a cute asymetrical design can help divert attention from the area you feel a bit uncomfortable about. 

So, there you have it. If you are looking for help on how to wear crop tops plus size girls can feel comfortable in this is the post for you! As soon as you realise that if you feel good you will have a good time and that ultimately, that’s what really matters you will be more open to wear what you please whether or not you have a flat stomach. 

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