How to Win Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

Getting back with your girlfriend after a breakup can be harder than getting another girl’s attention to start a new relationship. If you want to re-ignite the old flame in your previous relationship there are a few things you can do to maximize your chances. To get your girlfriend back you have to make her want you back by showing her how much you’ve changed. Then you start putting in more effort. 

If you want to win your ex back, you can try to use the tips I share in this article which could lead to a better chance of winning her back. Just a moment of vulnerability from her side, and you will have the opportunity to relive with the girl you have made many plans with.

Make Her Want You

Give her some space. This is the first thing you can offer a girl after a breakup. If you try every to call her every 5 minutes or go to her door or even stalk her on social networks it will probably lead her to have an avalanche of reasons for separation. Permanently. I know it may be tempting to send a message with a cute quote to get your ex back, but don’t!

If your relationship was a serious relationship, then surely your girlfriend will need more time and space to herself. More so than if you only dated a few times. In any case, do not call her, or drudge up the relationship if you see each other at social events. Be polite, greet her, but don’t be a pest! You have to find the perfect balance of breathing space and still being present in her mind. If you leave her alone for a few months, the girl could meet someone else, so follow this article for more tips.

Go on and live your life. Have fun, enjoy your time apart. If your ex sees that you have a better chance of her realising what she’s missing out on. It may help rekindle the romance and remind her of the times you enjoyed yourself together.

Give Her Time

One important thing to consider that that not only does your partner need time but so do you. Take time to reflect and think about what went wrong in your relationship. What were the causes of your separation? Sit and think about everything that happened in your relationship and what the reason or reasons were that led to your split.

Whatever the reason may have been you must make sure you never repeat the mistakes you have made in the past. Why not take a simple sheet of paper and write down everything that went wrong in your relationship? Think about how you could improve these things. Another important tip is not to meet anyone else during this time and try to focus as much on the reflection and self-improvement process to make sure you never repeat the mistakes you’ve made before.

Keep Busy

Another significant thing is to be busy most of your time. Although you should avoid this and try to recover your beloved back, our advice is to have an active life, a busy life so you can pursue your personal interests. Continue with your hobbies and interests. You do not have to stop doing what you like just because you’ve parted ways with your girlfriend. Life has to go on as it has before. The idea is to spend time with your friends and enjoy your solo time.

Jealousy isn’t healthy, as you can read in this article. So focus on yourself instead of on your ex’s day to day.

If you meet with her, let her see that you are having fun and feel good. Once you have given her space and you have worked on self-improvement, she will want you much more.

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