How Treatment with Dermal Fillers Works and When Is Recommended

The older we grow the more likely we become to suffer from certain conditions that can, to some extend, affect our daily lives. Good examples of this include diseases like arthritis which can pretty much affect our mobility while causing pain and inflammation, still, some conditions are very likely to happen, yet might affect every adult or senior out there.

However, there’s one change that all of us will have to go through the older we become, and that is skin changes. Getting wrinkles, becoming thinner in specific areas of our face and body, as well as changes in areas like our lips, our eyes, and forehead. 

What can we do about it, though? A lot of diseases out there have successful treatments with incredible success rates, whereas other medications can provide some level of relief for certain conditions. But is there a way to avoid aging? As it is right now, such a thing is impossible.

What You Can Do About It

There are ways to slow down the change or avoid some of the results brought by time. Skincare, for example, is a really good way to approach the issue. There are even natural remedies you can try at home, like the ones mentioned over here, which are meant to help us improve our overall skin health.

These remedies can greatly slow down the changes brought by time, and in a way, even improve our looks. For some people who have suffered from severe acne problems or even injuries that caused scarring, some of these remedies can bring a lot of results as well.

Ideally speaking, you should try to take your time to research what products and treatments are best for your circumstances, considering there are way too many to count them all. 

A honey and oatmeal mask is great to calm down redness, inflammation, and great for people who deal with acne, but if you approach it in a different way, oatmeal and honey can also become a great exfoliating mask or a facial mask for blemishes! 

There are occasions, though, in which remedies are not capable of solving our problems. They are great for avoiding them, but not too good for fixing them, so, in those situations, specialists might recommend something known as dermal fillers, temporary solutions that can, to an extent, fix a lot of facial-related issues.

What’s a Dermal Filler, Though?

Dermal fillers can be easily described as an injectable solution that can be applied to the skin to deal with issues related to aging, injuries, or poorly performed skincare. Good examples of this include:

  • Adding volume to a specific shallow area
  • Plumping up lips
  • Softening or flatting wrinkles
  • Improve the looks of scars
  • Improve the looks of wrinkles or shadows located below the eye

A lot of people might compare it to botox, and many people worry about the dermal fillers side effects. Although there are some similarities in the way they work, they are indeed very different compounds. With that said, derma fillers are mostly used to deal with smile lines, but can also be used on lips and cheeks. Botox is primarily used to deal with wrinkles near the eyes, mouth, and between eyebrows.

One particular thing to consider is that botox tends to be cheaper in comparison to dermal fillers, but a dermal filler lasts for much longer, which makes me better for the long term. Botox tends to last between 3 to 4 months, while a dermal filler might last double or triple the time, but it depends entirely on how it was administrated. 

If you are interested in more information about dermal fillers, you should definitely check this article for a more insightful take on their capabilities.

Is It Safe?

There are indeed side effects when it comes to these solutions, but they are mostly considered safe since the likelihood of causing problems is often linked to bad practices, and not because of the solution itself.

That is why it is absolutely recommended to always rely on professionals that are capable, reputable, and trustable since one single, little mistake can cause a lot of problems. As long as the person taking care of your case know what he or she is doing, you will be fine.

In case you are interested in some of the side effects that can be caused by bad practices, here are some of the ones registered by now:

  • Itching, bruising, redness, inflammation, and bleeding
  • Eruptions similar to pimples
  • Unwanted results related to your appearance
  • Oversensitivity of the fluids
  • Blindness
  • Loss of blood flow which can cause dead skin

If you want to avoid these problems and dermal fillers side effect, make sure you are hiring professionals with a trustable history in the market, so you make sure that you are putting yourself in the hands of people that are capable!

Other Things You Can Do

Generally speaking, dermal fillers are great to fight against wrinkles, but there are dermal fillers side effects so there’s other things you can try out as well. For example, did you know that smoking or eating too much sugar can greatly worsen your problems with wrinkles?

Smoking is well known for causing premature aging in certain areas of the body, and the face is one of them. Sugar is capable of affecting the way collagen works in our body, and collagen is absolutely necessary for healthy skin since it is in charge of its strength, hydration absorption capabilities, and its elasticity. 

There are many practices and a lot of natural products, as well as Do It Yourself treatments you can try to aid yourself with your fight against wrinkles. If you are interested in more, you should definitely check this in-deep guide on how to deal with wrinkles:

Your diet is a very important aspect of the process, so you might want to start from there, then slowly but steadily add new components to your skincare routine, until you achieve the results you want. Patience, discipline, and a lot of willpower are necessary, but it is probably the healthiest and more non-expensive way of approaching the problem!

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