Hygge Bedroom Ideas for the Ultimate Wellbeing Retreat

The word Hygge originated from Denmark and is characteristic of Danish culture that engenders a feeling of contentment or wellbeing.

Hygge bedroom design ideas or plans

Textures, fabrics, and colours and how they complement each other are hugely important. Here are some of the most common suggestions for Hygge home accessories. 

But it isn’t just about the accessories you add to your room. It also involves the organisation of furniture and the simplicity of the room’s design, creating congenial environments that promote emotional wellbeing.

Wooden Flooring

Wooden Flooring provides your room with a Scandinavian feel which offers you a classic and homely finish. 

Wooden Flooring helps you maintain a high level of cleanliness because it is easier to clean than a carpet and creates a fresh, uncluttered look and creates the feeling of space.

Wooden Flooring is excellent for enhancing your room’s overall style and flow, and you can even personalise a wooden floor with a certain warmth, such as adding wool rugs to create that cosy feeling, which ultimately is what Hygge is all about. 

Soft furnishings

Hygge is about enjoying life, sharing moments with family and loved ones, so soft furnishings are essential to creating a warm cosy atmosphere. Whether that’s drinking hot chocolate while a blizzard blows outside.  Or cuddling up with a loved one under a blanket to watch a film.

A girl drinking hot chocolate, Hygge – embrace a cosy lifestyle.

Think faux fur cushions, snuggly throws, warm tartan checks and thermal curtains that lend every bit of cosiness to your space.

Rugs and blankets create texture and warmth in a bedroom.

Bringing the outside in

Sometimes a special connection with nature provides the aesthetic for the room and provides a way of filtering the air with beautiful naturalistic aromas, which can improve breathing quality during your hours of rest, directly impacting the levels of sleep you will manage to get. 

Add plants to windows, incorporate natural art upon your wall, and invite nature into your sleeping sanctuary.

Natural light is also essential for your bedroom as it will help you make sure that you have the required levels of light so your room doesn’t feel dark and dingy throughout the day.

If you have a smaller bedroom adding a mirror across from a small window can double the amount of natural light in the room, or add decorative silver or reflective fixtures.

LED Lighting in your room

LEDs can turn about 70% of their energy into light, making them much more efficient than other bulbs. Also, the light is more directed, unlike other bulbs, which tend to throw light out over larger areas. Led Lighting allows you to create subtle effects, so the light is not overpowering, creating a calming ambience.

Neutral soothing colours

Although you may think that it doesn’t matter about the colour of your room, this can actually have a more drastic impact on the quality and length of your sleep.

Warmer whites are favourites with Scandinavian homeowners, for example, silvers, whites, and angelica grey.

Limelight Beds Taurus Low Wooden Bed Frame – Grey (Available online from Bedstar)
Limelight Beds Taurus Low Wooden Bed Frame – Grey (Available online from Bedstar)

Hygge is all about enjoying life’s little pleasures. So please don’t overdo it. 

The idea is to create a calm, serene space that is peaceful and free of clutter, and a soothing colour scheme helps.

A few personal items

Adding some memorable photos or scented candles makes the overall design feel more personal, helping you remember pivotal moments in your life creating a sense of wellbeing.

Create the mood with scented candles, maybe a fragrance that reminds you of a relaxing happy time with friends and family.

Declutter and tidy up

Less mess will ultimately prevent you from feeling stressed. However, it sounds like straightforward advice, but it not only applies to physical items but all areas of life such as beliefs, relationships, health, and work.

Efficiency in having somewhere to store all your belongings has the desired effect due to how easy it can prevent clutter and helps you release from the “mental crutch.”

If your bedroom space is minimal, consider an ottoman bed where you can store away clutter. Ottoman beds are available in many sizes with under storage compartments accessed from the bottom or side of the bed.

Milan Bed Company Side Lift Small Double Ottoman Bed – White (Available online from Bedstar)
Milan Bed Company Side Lift Small Double Ottoman Bed – White (Available online from Bedstar)

It would help if you always made your bed. This enables you to positively start the day, feeling like you have completed a task already.

Have a Hygge bedroom for the entirety of the year

The beauty of Hygge is how well it can fit every season of the year. As long as you start with a very neutral base, you can make a few small changes to make it more stylish for that time of the year. 

It may even include removing some soft furnishings on your bed during the summer months to cope with any summer heatwave. 

Hygge decor offers the perfect way to individualise the style of your room while keeping in tune with the trends.

Now you have worked so hard to create the hygge lifestyle in your bedroom. The most important piece of advice I could give is to enjoy the space you have made. 

This style means different things to different people as long as you love the room. That is all that matters. 

Your bedroom should be a place to unwind and destress and a place you love to spend your time. However, what Hygge is about is creating a calming atmosphere to promote your sense of wellbeing.

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