The Ideal Gifts to Give if you Don’t Like to Gift Wrap

While shopping for just the right Christmas presents for your loved ones can be very exciting, attempting to actually wrap those gifts can feel monotonous. Perhaps you keep running out of wrapping paper, or the fully-wrapped present just looks like a messy amalgam of origami and tape. If you’re like me, you definitely don’t like to gift wrap.

But whatever your reasons for spurning gift-wrapping, it’s time to rejoice. The following gift ideas will spare you needing to do it. They’ll save you time and money while also potentially enabling you to take the recipient by even more pleasant surprise than usual. 


If your distaste for gift wrap is due to the oft-poor quality of the finished result, here’s some reassuring news: your friends will react more warmly to a badly-wrapped present than to a perfectly packaged one, according to a study cited by the Daily Mail.  

Apparently, it’s because immaculate wrapping increases their expectations about the gift – but the same doesn’t apply to acquaintances. Therefore, for them, you might want to play it safe by getting the present gift-wrapped in a store, as Thorntons would let you do with its chocolates. 


If you’ve got a spare Mason jar lying around, it could make just the right container for those biscuits you’ve bought your loved one. Once you’ve deposited the biscuits into that jar, give its lid a cute finishing touch, such as a ribbon, small gift tag or thin fabric layer, as Mashable advocates.  

A sweater or scarf

There’s so much complicated that can go wrong with gift-wrapping; perhaps you cut the paper too hurriedly, leaving you with jagged edges, or the present itself is such an awkward shape that you struggle to wrap it securely without going overboard with the tape.

It’s a relief, then, how much easier it is to wrap gifts with, say, an old sweater or scarf, as evidenced by HuffPost. As an added bonus, the recipient could even keep the garment for themselves after unravelling it. 

The Manly Man giftbox

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets make for very cute yet practical gifts and you can pretty much put anything you want in them – that fits of course! They can be a great gift for anyone, regardless of gender or age. The Manly Man Company have some fantastic gift baskets for men to choose from.


Sometimes, when you can’t quite decide what to get a friend or relative, simply gifting them money can seem like a fail-safe option. Nonetheless, it’s not exactly the most exciting option, so could you spruce it up aesthetically with the wrapping? Yes – by making that wrapping… a balloon. 

Yes, you read that correctly. Choose a transparent balloon, fill it with confetti and the money itself, and then invite the receiver to pop the balloon to get their hands on that cash.  


This tipple can make an obvious choice of festive present, especially with New Year’s Eve coming up soon as well. After all, the person could be kept so busy during the Christmas period that they have little, if any, time to get through the champagne before 2020 starts knocking.

It’s also easy to buy champagne gifts in ready-made containers like boxes and hampers, thereby rendering the addition of wrapping paper unnecessary. The wrapping already included can look nearly as luxurious as the gift itself – without you having had to pick up a single roll of tape.

We hope these ideas have helped you. If you are in need of more ideas this post by is a good one if you’re looking to recycle unwanted gifts!

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