The Ideal Venue Hire Hobart in TAS

The event organizer often makes a lot of decisions. For one, they need to choose a venue that can accommodate people who will be attending the event. The location that they’ll select can have a big impact on their attendees and speakers’ experience.

If you are one of the organizers tasked to look for a venue that you can hire in Hobart, Tasmania, then here’s a guide for you. You can read some of the factors that you need to take into consideration to make better decisions.

When You Should Start Looking for a Venue

You may want to start early and get the best ones out there. You should set a budget, the estimated size of the people participating, and space requirements. If there’s enough time, you can book a venue hire Wrest Point Hobart as early as four months prior. 

If you already booked an auditorium or a big function room, you would have time to prepare other things. You may have enough time to do other important factors for the event’s success like brochures, catering, and websites.

Factors to Consider

  1. Location, Location, Location

The location where the seminar or event will take place is very important. If this is a local gathering, you may want to look for a suitable place in the metro where the attendees live nearby. If many are from out of town, you need to place the venue near airports, train stations, or hotels so that they can get into the seminars on time.

You also need to consider parking fees, transportations, and traffic in the area. Sign up for an official contract with the owner so that you can rest assured that your booking won’t be canceled at the last minute. A change in the venue is something that you won’t probably be ready for if you get in touch with unscrupulous owners.

If you want to reduce the chances of the participants being late, you need to provide them with leaflets, reminders, or mobile applications to remind them about the meeting. If the place is inside a large campus, getting some signs and pins on the map can help. Know more about choosing a meeting venue on this page here.

  1. Consider the Parking Area

You may want to know if the venue offers valet parking and more than enough space for the attendees. If the hotel or venue does not have exclusive parking, look for nearby places that the participants can use instead. 

  • Reserve some parking spaces in Tasmania for the attendees and ensure that the reservations already include the ticket prices.
  • Look for discounts from ride-hailing services that you can offer the participants who don’t have cars. Check if there are promo codes available that you can distribute to everyone.
  • Provide a way to offer valet parking, especially if you are holding a high-profile gala. 
  1. Minimums and Maximum Capacities

venue hire Hobart

Get the Maximum and Minimum Capacity Requirement

A conference hall that can hold at least a hundred people who can sit comfortable in the venue is something to consider. The capacity should be comfortable for everyone involved. Additionally, look for safety and fire codes that the building is abiding by to ensure that everyone is comfortable and safe.

Minimums of Food and Beverages 

If there are food and beverages minimum, then you should know about this before booking. You need to ensure that the past minimums have been reached and estimate the costs for future conferences. Negotiate if you can get other complementary services, especially if you have been an excellent and regular consumer in the past. If you have reached a certain level of spending, you may want to see if they can offer other perks to you and the guests.

Adjustments Based on Participants’ Feedback

It would be best if you had the participants’ feedback to see how they felt about the overall accommodations. You need to know if you have to adjust the room size before or during the event. Use surveys, live conferences, and polls for templates about the feedback to help you choose the next venue in Hobart. Read more about Hobart here:

  1. Amenities and Services Included

Provided Kitchen or Catering

You need to know if the down payment includes the cost of food for each attendee. The venues without kitchens and facilities may have to partner with certain caterers so that the guests will always have food during their stay. You may want to check the quality and quantity of the food and if it’s not good enough, look for other outside food vendors.

Availability of Chairs, Tables, and Linens

You need a venue that can save you a great deal. Some of the factors that you need to consider are chairs, tables, and linens that they can provide the participants during the meeting and eating. If you have a particular theme, the tablecloths and skirtings should also match the room’s overall decoration and ambiance for a more unforgettable experience.

Audio Visual Elements

The speakers should be heard talking by all the attendees regardless of where they are sitting. You need to see if the audio-visuals are already in place and plenty of screens at the venue. Everyone should understand what the speakers are talking about, and they should be able to see the graphics and other presentations in a clear way.

  1. Overall Layout

Even if you already have a venue in mind during the planning phase of your venue hire in Hobart, you may still want to do other activities for the attendees. You may want to check out the amenities available such as hiking trails, pools, and tours that the guests can take advantage of.

While you are narrowing the venues for the event, get a good idea of the entire area’s layout and the floor plans. You may want to note where the outlets are located, the flow of traffic, and the spot of the rented stage. Others will appreciate it if there are bars nearby where they can grab a quick snack and drinks during the seminar.


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