Ideas For Treating Your Boyfriend On Your Anniversary

I’d like to think that when it comes to special occasions I’ve mastered the art of being the thoughtful partner. That being said the Mr. has had some pretty good tricks up his sleeve in the past and has managed to pull off some of the most memorable surprises for our anniversaries (we celebrate multiple occasions, but that’s a story for another post). I know that men love to dote on us girls, and believe me that is much appreciated, but there are times when us ladies have to step up our game and think out of the box. If you’ve ever been stuck for ideas on treating your boyfriend, I’ve got some great ideas bound to score you some major girlfriend/wifey points.
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Treating your Boyfriend: Plan an activity day

Even if activity days aren’t your thing, if your partner loves them, do it for him. Think about the number of times your partner has sat through romantic comedies with you when all he wants to be doing is watching football. He puts in the effort for you, so it’s only right that you do the same back when treating your boyfriend
Whatever your partner is into, golf, football, extreme sports, or race car driving, you can find an amazing activity day online. If you can, try to book the day for the two of you, so that you can spend some quality time together.
If you are unable to take part, for any reason – maybe you have a little one on board, make sure that you go along and spend the day supporting him. He’ll appreciate you being there, almost as much as he loves the gift.

Get him an awesome gift

Your anniversary is your chance to show your man how much you care about him by getting him an amazing gift that he will love. It can sometimes be hard choosing gifts for men, but it’s important that you put in the effort, to find him the perfect present.
There are so many options when it comes to gifts for him, from sports tickets to a new designer wallet, there are lots of options to choose from. If you don’t want to get him something that he’s had before, go online and have a look at unique gifts for men. Sometimes getting him a gift for your anniversary that’s a little different is the best way to go. So make sure to have a look at some of the unusual gift options.

Surprise him with a weekend away

You know that we’re a travelling bunch here at My Dreamality, but what probably don’t know is that the Mr. is the connoisseur of travel plans. With one of our anniversaries looming in the horizon the task of planning a surprise trip away might just be the answer. Plus, of course, it’s my way to gain some credibility as a travel planner as well.
To choose the perfect location for his surprise weekend away, think about your significant other’s personality. If he’s adventurous surprise him with a destination that might not have even been on his radar. If he prefers to stick to what he knows, then a unique way to experience one of his favourite cities will give it the right balance of novelty, and familiarity.
There are lots of ways to win when it comes to treating your boyfriend on your anniversary. These are just some of my favourite ideas. Whatever you choose to do to celebrate, just make sure that you show your partner how much you care about him.
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